Friday, November 28, 2008

Forty plus days and counting...

Until Will and I hit the road again heading for the land of sunshine-Arizona. Just to bring everyone up to speed, Will sold his Tollhouse home in Sept and we purchased a brand new 2008 36 ft. Fleetwood Bounder RV. This gorgeous new home of ours has 2 bathrooms, 1 bedroom, a fireplace and (count 'em) 4 televisions! Also included in this spending frenzy, that I personally encouraged, was a brand new 2009 Saturn Aura to tow behind the RV.....because as we all know, it's all about ME.

The month of December 2008 will be filled with stocking the RV and planning our trip. The tentative plans for Arizona include going to Quartzite to attend the world's largest RV Tent & Swap meet show (are you jealous yet?), 50's car show and Blue Grass festival in Blythe, CA. On to see the Grand Canyon, Sedona, Yuma and other sights along the way. We will wind up in Phoenix for baseball Spring Training...and as you know, I may have connections to get some FREE tickets.

Of course all this will happen after I spend Christmas and New Years in Hawaii with my daughter Nancy.

Keep checking back on our new blog for updates on our travels.