Thursday, January 20, 2011

We arrived in Mesa, AZ 1/18/11

We finally escaped the cold and dreary fog of Fresno, leaving Friday 1/16/11 - destination Mesa Spirit RV in Mesa, AZ. That night we stayed in Newberry Springs, the middle of no where. Second night in Parker, AZ, at least it was a real town with stores & gas stations. Of course none of that matter as we found the sun after reaching the top of the pass out of the valley.

We rolled into Mesa on day 3 with the GPS guiding us all the way. I can't imagine life in the RV anymore without that little gem. We have a new parking spot this stay at Mesa Spirit much closer to the pool and gym, all necessary items for ME.

We have been busying already buying groceries at the Super Wal Mart near by, shopping at Kmart located next door to the RV park (they also have a Big Lots next to Kmart, could it get any better than this?) Actually, I took the time on Wednesday to go out and sit by the pool and start working on my tan. The temperature has been in the high 70's with today being much cooler at 70 (but I'm not complaining.) However, the big event so far has been Will and I (yes, I said Will) getting a pedicure! He only went along with this as he is unable to cut his own toe nails since the back surgery and I won't. He managed to hold it together and get through it and I did get a picture w/my phone camera....

Friday, we are meeting a friend of Will's who lives in Villa Capri in Clovis & also has a house near Mesa. Friday night is a dance at our park and the big one BINGO! So friends as you can see, all is well. I will keep you posted on future events although this trip we are staying put in Mesa with the exception of a couple days later on in Sedona.

Baseball spring training starts on February 25th, in Scottsdale....SF Giants & AZ .... my birthday is 2/26 so daughter Nancy bought us tickets for that opening day game..handicap seats for Will & I with no stairs to climb...thank you fabulous daughter, we will enjoy the day. Much love to all.