Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Going back on the road 6/1/09

Gosh, it's almost time to head back out on the road again. We leave Monday, 6/1/09 for the Northwest. The plan right now is to see the Redwood Forest in California, head up hwy 101 along the coast of Oregon, Washington, Vancouver and hopefully see some of British Columbia and if were lucky a short Alaskan cruise. We hope you will join us, through our blog, and enjoy the trip with us. We also welcome all comments, emails and any communication along the way.

Right now the plan is to return to Fresno sometime in September, 09. Please follow along.
much love to all.
caw and will


The Kinard Family said...

I know you guys will have fun!!!

setzergirl said...

How goes it? Waiting for your first update and to see where you land!

Bev said...

Okay you two - this is the 7th and no word from you - the blog only works if you update us to where and how you are. Best of luck.