Wednesday, March 25, 2009

We're headed for California - Thursday, 3/26/09

Monday, 3/23/09 The wind was blowing but not hard or bad enough to keep me from laying out by the pool. This was really a lazy day for us, Will puttered around the RV and took a nap while I did my favorite chore...washing clothes & laying out by the pool. How anyone could dislike retirement is beyond us. This evening we went to the Riverview Casino (where Bill Medley played, remember?) to experience casino bingo with our neighbors, Kay & Brian. Now this is truly a big time operation. They actual rent out machines that have the bingo games on them & I think the machines does everything automatically. I only know, if you have only one number left on your machine/card, the machine beeps.....they kept beeping all night. Anyway, we had a really fun time although none of us won any money. After they drove us through the casino RV park and then down "the strip" to see the other casinos.

Tuesday, 3/24/09 is a busy day. After my 4 mile walk in the morning we had planned a day with our neighbors Kay and Brian. Our first stop was an Indian gambling casino in Bullhead City/Fort Mohave area that still serves a 99 cent breakfast consisting of a slice of ham, 2 eggs, hash browns and toast and if your a Veteran, which Will is, you get free coffee! Now is that a deal. Well the 3 of them order the 99 cent breakfast and I had the expensive 1.99 oatmeal (shocking to the Retirement Breakfast group.) Just to show you what a sport Will is, he picked up the check to buy breakfast and told Brian, "he could buy dinner." What a guy!

After breakfast and a guided tour by Kay around the casino we headed off to Oatman again to see the fun little tourist town. This was the same little town we went to Sunday but left so quickly because of the rain & wind. However, this day was sunny and beautiful so Kay and I wandered in and out of all the stores while the guys had coffee and stood around and talked. Just about the time we were leaving the burro's came into town so that everyone could feed them. Finally, I got a picture with the burros and then it was time to go. It amazes me how tired you can get in a day of retirement doing not much of anything. But home we came to take a nap and rest up guessed I bet there's not an RV park around that doesn't have bingo each and every week, so after a nap and dinner the four of us drove up to the clubhouse for a bingo session. In all the bingo games we have played, Will has one game (approx $4.00) and I have won - NONE. At least our friend Kay won 2 games this evening. After a fun filled evening we headed home and fell into bed pretty darn late for us.

Wednesday, 3/25/09 We met our Oregon friends, Roby and Ron for lunch today as they will leave Bullhead City on Friday and we leave on Thursday. It was so much fun seeing them again and we look forward to spending time with them in Oregon in the Coos Bay area June 09. After a lunch at the China Buffet we knew there would be no dinner tonight so after arriving home, Will went into take a nap and I headed for the pool, my last day on the trip to lay in the sun by the pool. I haven't laid out in the sun like this for so many years and have really enjoyed it even though I no it's no good for you but what the's my retirement. I didn't get home until 5 pm and had to take a shower to get ready for another fun night with bingo. I really can't believe that most of our life we never played bingo now it's a couple days a week. Well our record is still the same.....NO jackpots for us, but Kay won her usual two is that possible.

Well tomorrow we head back for California, it's hard to believe the trip is almost over. We left Fresno on January 10, 2009 and here it is March 25, 2009 and it seems like we just left Fresno last week. It has been a great trip and we have met some wonderful people along the way and hopefully can stay in touch with all of them. Well the plan is on Thursday, 3/26 to drive to Bakersfield, spend the night and get up early Friday morning and head to Dinuba to see Wills' brother, Lloyd and wife Betty. We will have lunch with them and then head to Fresno where Will will stay in the RV at Yosemite Trailer Park on Blackstone & Sierra in Fresno. The actual park he will locate to is in Clovis on Villa Ave, very near his kids, Kim & Eric, but that won't happen for a week or so. I'm so glad he will be close to my house as it will take us sometime unloading all my stuff out of the RV.

As I said, it has been a great time and we look forward to going again June 1, 2009 which will be up the Oregon & Washington coast with hopefully side trips to Victoria and Vancouver, B.C. It will be good to see all our family and friends again and I thank you for all your nice comments on the blog, I have really enjoyed doing this and it sure beats sending postcards....Thanks Nancy for setting it up. Much love to all and Kim.....we will be there for Saturday night dinner!!!


Rita said...

What a wonderful experience the two of you have had! We will all be anxious to see you on April 4th.
We might even play Bingo to make you feel at home!
Have a safe trip home......

Bev said...

So glad you're home. I have enjoyed your travellog (is that on l or two) or well, I have enjoyed it so much. Hope to see you between trips.