Friday, September 11, 2009

Almost home....W. Sacramento, CA

Thursday 9/10/09 The day before "moving day" Will stays home to get the RV ready...air in the tires....and thanks Billy Boy, the air compressor works fabulous. Wash windows, check under the hood...the standard Will Lyon stuff. I worked on the inside, cleaning up, vacuum, wipe everything down & before very all looks great. A very warm day in Redding they expect 102 but after the Northwest it feels great to us.

On our last evening here in Redding our dear neighbors LaVar & Lonnie invite us out for dinner....Chinese food to be exact. Because Lonnie is a native from here she knows right where to take us. Fortunately, for Will they did have a menu with "letters" listed in front of it so Will could order (actually I ordered for him) number A and he was happy. I had my standard, Tofu & Veggies.....deeeee licious! It was a wonderful dinner which afterward we went home & fed the ducks & Canadian geese the day old popcorn. We were so lucky to have LaVar & Lonnie as neighbors for this week and we will certainly miss them. We promised we would come visit them at their home in St George, Utah. Honestly, I couldn't imagine spending a week in Redding but it was a wonderful city & week with lots to do & see in this area, I wouldn't hesitate to come back & stay in the exact same park and neither would Will.

Friday 9/11/09 It's hard to believe that eight years ago on this very day the USA suffered the tragic lost of all those innocent people. I'm so glad Nancy was able to be away from New York this week as ever year it seems to get harder not easier on 9/11.

We said our good byes to LaVar & Lonnie, take some pictures and then we are off on our way to Sacramento. Actually, we are staying at Sacramento Capitol West RV park which is located in West Sacramento and the ad in Trailer Life says "only minutes to Old Town" so we shall see. Gosh, this is a big driving day for Will - 170 miles from Redding to Sacto. We plugged the address in the girlfriend/GPS and took off. This is my first time in W. Sacramento & it seems to be the "sleazier" part of Sacto that is trying to become respectful. However, for 4 days the location is great. As a matter of fact right outside the RV park is a city bus stop that will take us into Old Town Sacramento for $1 so we are going to try that tomorrow. The park is actually pretty nice, and we have a great shade tree for the RV in the hot afternoon sun and Bill, the manager is a very nice person and very helpful. Not only was the price right we paid for 3 days and they gave us the 4th night can't beat that!

We have been down the block to a grocery store, Will has washed the Saturn & is now taking a shower & I'm finishing up the blog....another good day. I really can't believe the trip is almost over and that we have been gone for over 3 months. It really has gone by so fast. Much thanks to Wills' kids...Kim, Bill & Eric who will get my car in running order & my house opened up. I can just imagine the dust bunnies in that place. Oh well, I don't have to worry about it today. Much love & thanks to family & friends.

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