Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Bounder has landed in Clovis, CA

Monday 9/14/09 This is our last day in Sacramento for sightseeing but we are both just dead tired and need the day off. Trust me, it's not easy being a professional sightseer and it's especially hard on Wills back going through museums as there is a lot of standing involved and that seems to be the hardest on him. So we are taking the day off and the Governor's Mansion, Crocker Art Museum, etc will just have to to be another trip.

This day will now be all about cleaning up the RV inside and out (Will doesn't think that's work) and I have some clothes to wash and of course a sudoku puzzle to complete and newspaper to read....a busy day. We both know the trip is almost over and as Will says, "he has his nose pointed towards the barn." It has been an absolutely wonderful trip and we had a great time and saw and did so many amazing things. It would be very hard to pick out a favorite.

Tuesday 9/15/09 Today we are headed for Stockton, CA. Many, many years ago when Will was in the Navy he met on the Midway ship, Mr. Jim Bird who became a really, really good friend and helped Will get through the electrician course which was a 2 year course completed in 14 weeks. Will said if it wasn't for Bird, he and lots of other guys would never have passed the course and got their certificate. He said Bird was just a "ball of brains" and the smartest guy he ever knew. So we were off to Stockton to visit him & his wife Alice and Birds brother in law, Butch who Will also met in the Navy at that time.

We got there about noon and I met Jim Bird for the first time and I must tell you it was wonderful just listening to those two reminisce about old times in the Navy. Honestly, some of the tales Bird told were hysterical. I so enjoyed listening to those two carry on. After being there only a couple hours unfortunately we received a phone call from Wills sister in law that his brother, Lloyd had been admitted into the Reedley, CA hospital for a collapsed lung. At this point it seemed we really had to cancel our stay with the Birds and head home to find out how serious Lloyd's condition was. We were sorry to leave so suddenly but they understood and we promised we would come back another time and complete the visit.

With that we got back on highway 99 and headed for Clovis, CA where fortunately Will had already rented an RV space for September so we knew where we were going....Villa & Shaw, space #37. When we arrived Wills kids, Kim, Bill & Eric were there waiting for us. We backed the RV in.....and darn if the RV didn't hit a tree on top & break a small light...our first accident in all this time. But fortunately, it will be a cheap fix and Will will take care of it when he has the RV serviced next week.

We jump in the car, stop at Burger King for dinner and head off to the Reedley hospital to check on Lloyd. It's hard to believe that they "lost Uncle Lloyd" in the hospital as the hospital is not that big. They didn't have him registered and couldn't find him, so we had to call his wife, Betty to find out his room number. (What you bet the hospital bill finds him!!!!) Well of course he was as ornery as always and taking a breathing treatment at the time but we saw him, talk with him and Will felt much better. We then stopped by their house to see his wife, Betty. All and all we were glad we had come home a day early and by this time thoroughly exhausted....with that we drove home in the dark, said our goodbyes to the kids, took a shower and then it was lights out..... A perfect ending to a absolutely wonderful trip.

I have so enjoyed writing this blog and thank you for the nice comments about it. If only someone would pay me "big bucks" to go around the world doing this I would be oh so happy to continue. Sad to say that's not going to happen but if Will ever invites me back "on the road again" I shall fire up the old computer and do it again. Much love to family and friends and the great adventure has ended...... Good Night!


setzergirl said...

You did a GREAT JOB with the was so fun reading and getting caught up on your adventures!


Cheryl said...

So glad you're home safe and sound!! See you soon....