Thursday, December 1, 2011

Being very lazy in Miami, FL

Saturday, 11/26/11 - Nancy & Howard returned from a very nice stay in Key West, FL and got a hotel near the Miami Airport for returning to N.J. on Sunday. However, we got one more dinner with them at our (Nancy & mine) very favorite, P.F. Chang's. It was located in So Miami on a "restaurant row" in a very cute part of Miami. We had a great dinner, with all the usual specialties ordered. Afterwards, we took a walk and had some great gelato, a perfect way to end a evening. We said our good byes and the next day they were home in dreary New Jersey.....already missing the Florida sun.

Tuesday, 11/29/11 - Tuesday is Seniors day at the Miami Zoo, which is a FREE day for us so we headed over to the zoo which is actually right behind our RV park. We hear the monkeys in the early morning yelling for their breakfast. The Miami Zoo is a HUGE place and we made a mistake by not taking the tram around to all the exhibits but walking. What we didn't know when we made that decision is how large this place is. We walked for 5 hours and didn't even see all the animal exhibits. The animals are not locked up in cages but in large grassy areas with a moat between the animals and the people. (keeping the animals safe)

Actually, we were more impressed with the landscaping at the zoo - the beautiful plants, flowers and trees. We are going to go back on another Tuesday Senior day and take the tram and see all of the animals. It is a beautiful place but San Diego Zoo is still the best!

Wednesday, 11/30/11 - On Tuesday evening as I was attempting to work on the computer my fabulous Verizon 4G was NOT doing it's job and just "crashed" as it would not hook me up to the Internet. I called the Verizon Tech Support.....they are actual Americans in America.... and he tried to talk me through doing an "up date" to prevent the problem I was having. He learned very shortly that I had no idea what he was talking about & suggested I go into a Verizon Corp store for someone to help in do the update for me! What kills me.....I just got this 4G 1 month ago and I already need an update. REALLY.... As I was talking with the Verizon tech, my phone crashed/went dead I have 2 things phone and computer. So Wednesday morning I gathered everything up and went to the Verizon store and they did the update with no problem. Then hard as it was to believe the ATT store was on the same block and they fixed the phone. I was hopeful they would replace it as the back won't stay on and I have been using scotch tape to hold it together. No such luck, they just replaced the scotch tape but at least the phone works.

Thursday, 12/1/11 - Can you believe it's already December.....where has this year gone? Before you know it we will be back in Fresno, but for now we are enjoying the beautiful Miami weather and today was one of the "laying out in the sun" days. Oh I managed to wash some clothes but that was it. Will is looking forward to hot dogs at the clubhouse tomorrow at noon, that's how relaxed this day has gone. Much love to all our family and friends.

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