Friday, December 30, 2011

Hialeah Park, Hialeah, FL..A day at the horseraces....

Thursday, 12/29/11 - Another Arts & Crafts day in the park and I must say I should have quit while I was ahead. I had 2 winners - the Christmas decorations...which went to Nancy & Howard and the Broom - that is heading for Kim and Bill's. Well today was "glass etching." I had a bad feeling about this when I saw it but put my money down anyway. I picked 2 wine glasses and the idea is to pick out what decorations you want to put on them and then the procedure starts. I won't go into all the problems I had but it took me 3 hours (yes, only me & the teacher were there at the end) and Howard's glass I put the decorations upside down & to low. Nancy's pattern didn't show up good and you can't tell what it is.....but I put them in a box and sent them UPS anyway. I told them to put them in the BACK of the china closet much for glass etching.

Friday, 12/30/11 - Hialeah Park is a very, old and famous horse racing park in the Miami area. Actually, I don't have much history of it and plan to find out more as it was extremely interesting. It has been closed for some years but just this year they have opened it back up and big plans for it. A race track PLUS a casino right there.

Our neighbors, Brad and Hilda, who are full time RVers from Michigan were talking about it the other day telling us that after the fourth race the flamingos that live in the center of the race track park actually fly around the park. They have been wanting to go so we ALL went today.

Of course one of the other big attractions, beside the flamingos flying, was that the entrance into the park and the parking were FREE. The current schedule is 11 Quarter horse races only and the first race starts at 1:15 pm with the birds flying about 2:30 pm. So we set off about 11 am with plans to get there about noon, have lunch, take a tour of the place and bet on the first 4 races. Well, it couldn't have worked out more perfect!!!!

We found the place with no problem and NO help from the girlfriend, GPS.....that address was not listed so we used an old fashion map and went right to it. As we arrived into the grounds the place is beautiful and very impressive. With grand, curved staircases up to the second and third floors. The place is huge with large old pictures hanging on the walls of the rich and famous who have been here through the years. We walked around just looking at the stables where the horses are kept, the beautiful statue of the famous horse- Citation. We even learned a scene from the Godfather was filmed right there by the statue of Citation.

Because we took our car, Brad & Hilda insisted on buying our lunch....which turned out to be a hot dog for Will (a 7 on the 1 to 10 scale) and a hot, salted pretzel for me....a perfect lunch. We then got our racing program and of course started checking out horses. Will gave me $20 to bet for him & me and we won 3 out of 4 races...with me returning $30 to Will. It was all very exciting and on the 4th race Brad who had not won our horse and fun when you are winning.

After the fourth race, right on que, the flamingo's take off and fly around the inside of the horse track for several least a good 5 minutes or so. It was amazing to see, those beautiful pink and black birds flying through the air. With that we decided to quit a WINNER and took our money and headed out the door and headed back to the RV park. It was a beautiful, warm. sunny day and we had great fun. Actually, we were dead tired when we got home which is so amazing when we aren't really doing anything. Oh well......much love to all our family and friends.

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