Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More from Yuma, AZ

On Saturday, 1/24/09 we spent the day in Yuma, enjoying Bluegrass in the Park. It was a nice, clean park that was set up with a stage and vendors and played from 10 am to about 6 pm. Will and I arrived about 11:30 am dragging our ice chest, 2 chairs and of course a variety of sun tan lotion (that's for you Chris) It was really a wonderful day with 5 bluegrass groups, of which we saw four. It worked out perfect for us, Will was in the shade of a small tree & I was next to him, in the sun. By the time we left at 4:30, I was showing some very nice color. The music was terrific & we hope to get to another festival before coming home.

Sunday, 1/25 was a day of house cleaning and I mean we really cleaned plus washing clothes. It was a day when you just take care of business and then rest. Especially knowing that on Monday we were suppose to be going to Mexico. Our new friends that we met at the lettuce festival, Ann and Al from Washington called Sunday evening to see if we still wanted to go to Los Algodones, Mexico. Of course I did but Will was a little nervous about it but I got our passports out and we were all ready.

They came over 9:30 am on Monday and Will drove the Saturn down to the border, which is about 10 miles past Yuma. The local Indians have a big, fenced and guarded parking lot on the American side of the border, which costs $5.00 then you just walk across....as easy as that! What a place, the main industry of this border town is souvenirs, dentistry and glasses!!! I am not kidding when I say there are at least 25 places to get an eye exam & buy glasses....with delivery all within 2 to 3 hours. Each place has so many frames to pick from it's almost impossible but I did. Of course the eye exam was a joke as it consisted of 5 letters to read thru the machine, then the "doctor" checks your old prescription (Will is sure they give you your old prescription) but I ordered my first pair of prescription sunglasses and my regular trifocals, no lines and transitional lenses....with the total bill coming to $259 and that includes the fabulous eye exam. Actually, the glasses seem just fine and I'm so excited to have my first pair of prescription sunglasses.

Our friend Al showed us where he went for dentistry work he had done....4 crowns that were very cheap and his dentist at home said it was very good work. So when I need those future crowns I think I will come back here. If anyone out there needs Dr. Jerry's number, let me know I would be glad to share it. Ann and I had a great time walking thru all the shops looking & touching everything. She bought a wonderful palm tree made of iron and I bought a new laundry bag but we had a lot of fun. It really worked out great as Al & Will drank coffee and sat in the square, as they were not interested in looking at all the "junk" and I was sooooo grateful to have Ann as my companion for the day. The four of us had a nice Mexican lunch in an outdoor restaurant with good music. It was a great day with a fun couple and we will visit them in Washington, at their home, this summer. Of course, coming back over the border is not as easy as getting in. The line when we started was at least 5 blocks long and the total line wait was 1 1/2 hours to reach the border guards. They check each & every bag & purchase you bring back..

We leave for Tucson this Thursday morning so I will be back on the blog this weekend. I sure hope someone out there is reading this because not to many are posting comments on the blog. Just go all the way to the bottom of the blog, click on comments & you can write something...at least I'll know someone is reading these ramblings...........bye for now.


setzergirl said...

You KNOW that I am reading! It all sounds like fun and I know that you guys are having a great time. It was great talking to you tonight...so fun! However, I really think that I can do without hearing about the sun! They are expecting 3-5 inches of snow, starting tonight through tomorrow...I really can't stand it. I am a California Girl...what in the hell am I doing on the East Coast!

Love ya,

Cheryl said...

Carole, I'm reading every word you write and loving it!! I just wish I could have been with you in Mexico looking through all the "treasures" - NOT junk! Again, I'm sorry I missed your call on Sunday, but it sounds like you're having a fantastic time. I'm jealous!!

Rita said...

Bluegrass - that sounded like fun! I don't know what my fellow Breakfastclubbers are doing or not doing to not be able to comment on your space, guess I shall have to conduct a class.
Yes, I am reading every word and really envy all the shopping you have been able to do - my favorite thing - digging through stuff at flea markets and yard sales.
You and Willie are really having the best vacation possible.
We have had a lot of rain here and then some sun - sounds like Nancy needs to move back to California!

Much love, Rita

Mary Ann & Calvin said...

I'm with you. Sounds like Mexico was a lot of fun. The $259 you paid for your glasses is a lot better than what I paid a couple of weeks ago. Your house is still there. I checked it yesterday. I think your car misses you. They were either tears or raindrops. A laundry bag, huh? Wow!!! Keep updating us on your adventures. It all sounds super.

Cheryl said...

Rita..... I know for a fact the other two "clubbers" who shall remain nameless are having some technical difficulties adding comments. I'm sure they could us, and would appreciate, some guidance. :-)

Cheryl said...

I was typing too fast. My comment should have said..... could USE some guidance. Sorry.