Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Still in Earp, CA

The weather is so fabulous here (87 & sunny) we are staying several extra days and not rushing down to Quartzside. However, we found that we were only 40 miles from Check SpellingQuartzside so we decided to drive the car down and get an RV spot first before heading down there Friday. We were very lucky & found a great RV spot about 2 blocks away from all the action so we can walk & not have to drive the car....which is a fabulous bonus. Got info from the Chamber of Commerce & lots of happenings next week, free pancake breakfast, lots of music & dances going on and the worlds largest garage/vendor sales going on every day. The actual RV Tent Show runs from 1/17 thru 1/25 and should be very interesting. I would venture out on a limb and say we will never be back after this time.

Will is excited (it takes so little) one of the workers here is going to wash and wax the motor home starting today and finishing up tomorrow at a very good price. He's hopeful he will also do the car.

I must say this way of life is really wonderful and seems to be agreeing with both of us. We are taking walks, meeting & talking with lots of people and really relaxing. We have our RV plans made for the next couple weeks..Quartzside, AZ 1/16 to 1/21 and Yuma, AZ 1/22 to 1/28 then who knows.


Mary Ann & Calvin said...

Sounds REALLY nice - what a life you 2 have. We do have sunshine but you probably couldn't wear you shorts. Well, maybe YOU could. Everything seems to be moving along very well. Enjoy!!!!

Rita said...

The giant garage/vendor sale sounds like too much fun!! Buy us something - not too useful, though.
Nancy must be wanting to fly out to stay with you - I saw the weather in New York on the news this morning - YUK!!