Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Cheese Factory in Tillamook, OR

Tuesday, 6/23/09 was moving day from Chinook Bend RV park in Lincoln City, OR. As strange as the place seemed to be they were one of the most friendly and nicest owner/management people we have every met in any RV park we've been in. There was not a time when working on my computer that they didn't invite me to join them & all their workers for dinner, a glass of wine or dessert. By the time we said our good byes I was sad to leave. Of course it would probably be much different there this evening when the Pagen Festival starts.

But head north on hwy 101 we did to a small town 6 miles outside of Tillamook, OR called Netarts which means in "Indian talk" - "near the water." And near the water it is....right across the street, not an ocean view, but a short walk (2 blocks) down to Netart Bay & then on to the beach & ocean. Because we arrived so early we decided to go and tour the number one tourist attraction in the area, Tillamook County Creamery Association plant. This is dairy country (you can smell that!) with lots of family dairies and it appears it is a farmer-owned cooperative. Anyway, forgetting all that they offer free cheese samples and you must buy your own Tillamook ice cream. First we took the self guided tour of how the cheese is made, sliced, and packaged. You climbed the stairs & then looked down at the workers, from behind glass, busily doing their job. Lots of information & very interesting to see. It sure took me back to my Fresno City College working days with CACT & Ken Olson. Of course after that we got in the ice cream line, YES Robin, I had an ice cream, DEE LICIOUS..... A hot fudge sundae for Will and a cup of Chocolate Peanut Butter for ME. After wards Will was too full to try the cheese samples but of course I wasn't so into the line I went for my free samples. I can certainly recommend Tillamook Cheese for anyone who like cheese. Bellies full we headed for the grocery store that is everywhere up here, but one we had never heard of - Fred Meyers. It's like a Wal Mart, with food, clothes, TVs, garden shop, etc....just like any Wal Mart but cleaner & more expensive but really nice. We (including Will) are now Fred Meyers converts.

The day was now shot and it was time to go home and there would be NO dinner for me. Of course Will had to eat something, after all it was 5 o'clock and that is dinner time in his book, no matter what. Have I mentioned to you how long it stays light up here at night. It doesn't get dark until about 10 pm, now I don't know if that is all year long but it sure is happening now. It's really weird. I'll be working on the computer, daylight all around me and yikes it's 9:30 pm.

Wednesday, 6/24/09 I awoke this morning able to take my 3 mile walk down by the bay & beach, what a glorious experience that is. I just never get use to being able to power walk & see the ocean all at the same time. Because of the bay there are a lot of people out there digging for razor clams with a limit of 15. Our next door neighbors, from Iowa who are here for 4 months, are up early to go claming and crabing every day. It seems every night is a fish fry with the neighbors. This seems to be a very big vacation destination especially for fisherman

Well off we headed for a day of sightseeing in the sun, a beautiful day. We headed for Tillamook's Air Museum This was a very large blimp hangar that was build & used in World War II. Inside the museum we saw many different kinds of airplanes that were used in the war. Lots of displays with war photos, ration books, uniforms, a movie on the history of the place and so much more. Will was truly in seventh heaven....air museums seem to be his thing. I sure hope you can check out their website as it was so interesting.

Next it was on to Munson Creek Falls which is billed as "a waterfall that is 319 feet down a forested slope." We thought we would have our picnic lunch and enjoy the waterfall. Of course when we came out of the air museum the weather had changed, very windy & no sun (welcome to Oregon.) As we ran for jackets & sweatshirts & the car off we went, we would not be deterred. We found the road a short distance and headed down this most beautiful, what appeared to be, a single lane forested road. Just as we were giving up hope we would find it a sign appeared & we were there. Of course now the weather has changed again, wet drizzle, from light to heavy. There is the small parking lot with a beautiful stream & small natural water fall so we drug out the lawn chairs, ice chest, blankets (for our legs) to have our picnic. It really was beautiful and so unreal, it was one of the first time I really wished I had a camera to capture it. After lunch we headed up the 1/4 mile trail to see the falls. I must tell you they were beautiful and so worth the trip. (I have looked all over for a website to share with you but was unable to locate one.) A canopy forest covering the trail, with ferns and greenery unlike anything I could imagine and then there it was... a beautiful water fall in front of us. Just Will & I out there, in the rain/drizzle, it seemed magical. Of course in a short time more people came but it was a fabulous outing. Then back down the trail to the car to dry out & warm up.

Still not finished with sightseeing we headed for Tillamook's Pioneer History Museum I know you must get tired of hearing this from me....but it was fabulous. I think I just love everything I see and am easily pleased. Wonderful history of Oregon and the surrounding area, photos, old rooms set up with furniture & clothing of the era. There are three floors to this museum and we never got off the first so we will go back on Friday to finish up the tour. As we left it was now raining and very black & cloudy. However it is now 7:30 pm and the sun is shinning. Very weird weather in deed. I do check the Fresno weather each day in the newspaper and must say I feel homesick when I see 95 degrees and sun and I know the sun will be out ALL DAY, no matter what!! It's really OK, the trip is going great & we are having a good time. Signing off with love to family and friends.


marci357 said...

Thank you for the beautiful write-up of our area! Glad you are enjoying it. Do drive the Three Capes Scenic Loop if you have time, and walk thru the tunnel at Maxwell Point, Oceanside Beach, for a thrill :)

Most of the clammers you saw on Netarts Bay would be after quohog and blue clams, and a few of us, mostly the ones that came by boat, were raking for cockles. The limit on all those clams is 20 each.

Rita said...

I was "drooling" over your description of the Tillamook factory, the cheese, ice cream, etc.
The flavors sound better than Ben and Jerry's! You didn't mention the fudge, but you can ship a couple of pounds down this way if you like. Yum...

setzergirl said...

YUMMO! Ice sounds divine. What a fun trip--I am so glad that you are getting to see so much on the trip and yes, you are easily amused and entertained but that's what makes you so lovable.