Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Gold Beach, OR - An ocean view

On Monday, 6/8/09 as we were preparing to leave Klamath River RV park for Oregon we ran into some people, Joan & Lennie of Florida, we had met briefly in Scotia, CA and in our small talk & good byes we discovered that Joanie has had the same back surgery that Will is facing in the near future. Because we have NEVER met anyone who has actually had this surgery we asked if we could talk to them about it. What wonderful people, they must have spent at least an hour or more with us in their RV, Joanie showing us her actual surgery pictures on her computer, her scar and even how she can bend & twist with NO pain. She told us all about the place it was done, Florida Spine Institute, hospital, city, an RV park near the place, the absolute Doctor we should use....just a wealth of information. Much thanks, gratitude, & love to you both for taking the time to share your information, it makes it so much easier when the time actually comes.

We finally hit Oregon Monday afternoon and the first thing we noticed after the gorgeous scenery was the big drop in gas prices. YIKES... We had just filled up in CA at $3.09, that's the RV of course and when we hit OR the price was $2.69. After calming Will down we saw the landscape changing in front of our eyes. No longer redwoods but pines, cypress and lots of blue Pacific ocean off to our left. Of course as my job is navigation and housing I'm trying to find an ATT signal so I can call our next destination, Port Orford and get reservations in a Camp America park, the cheap RV parks. Only an answering machine but surely they will call us back soon, well they didn't. As we reached Gold Beach and we had not heard from the other guy I consulted the expensive RV book to see what was there. While calling around, Will says, "look up the street there's an RV sign right there." I call, they had room, they say, just go in, find any space you want & then come to the office, 2 blocks away and pay...your kidding, right? Well we do that and low and hold this park is on a slop & we take the top spot with a fabulous ocean view. We can see the ocean from all the rooms, dining room, living room & MY side of the bed in the bedroom. The sun was shining in Gold Beach and we knew we had hit the Mother Lode of deals....which we did. www.GoldBeach.org

Gold Beach is just a small tourist town almost all on Highway 101. The big tourist attraction is a ride up the Rogue River www.info@mailboat.com on a jet boat that takes mail to an even smaller town, Agness. We had signed up to take the ride today, Tuesday, 6/9 however, Will is not feeling well and seems to be trying to come down with a cold. It's ok, I have walked all over the town, up and down the beach and feel like I could stay here for a much longer time. But alas, tomorrow is moving day as we are heading up towards Coos Bay, OR where our friends, Roby & Ron live. We met them in Camp Verde, AZ on our last trip and had so much fun together and look forward to seeing them again.

Thank you for the nice comments & emails regarding the blog, I am having a lot of fun writing it. And I must say Rog I am MOST IMPRESSED that you were actually able to leave a comment. Is Doctor Bob around the house? Much love to all our family and friends.

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Rita said...

Okay, my face is red, I was having a "Senior Moment" the last time I tried to blog, and history has been made if Roger has figured this thing out! Just love hearing about your adventures.
I'll FedEx some chicken soup to Will for his cold.

Love, R