Thursday, June 11, 2009

Lakeside & Coos Bay, OR

Tuesday, 6/9/09, our last day in paradise with an ocean view Gold Beach, OR I asked Will about moving up here and he said "sure, just find someone to put wheels on your mobile home in Fresno and have them move it up here for you" so I guess that meant NO. It truly was wonderful taking my daily 3 mile walk on the beautiful, deserted beach each morning. So Wednesday, 6/10/09 morning found us back on the road again, heading north up highway 101.

Around lunch time we came to a cute, quaint village town Bandon which seemed perfect to pull off and fix our lunch and take a walk around town. They have a wonderful boat harbor, lots of bakeries, sweet shops, restaurants and tourist shops. A REAL tourist town. It was a great stroll, Will sitting on the benches in front of the shops as I went in and looked only.

We passed through Coos Bay that early afternoon on our way to our park, Osprey Point RV Resort This park was recommended by our friends, Roby & Ron of Lakeside, OR who we will visit with and it was closest to their home AND double bonus, it was in our "cheap" stay book. Three nights for $36.00, a real deal!!

Thursday, 6/11/09 we awoke to no sun and drizzle (welcome to Oregon folks) and waited for our friends to pick us up and give us the grand tour.....which they certainly did. A drive through many of the small towns around the Coos Bay area, and then a wonderful fish lunch at their favorite restaurant, Fisherman's Grotto in Charleston, OR They have been going to this restaurant for years and our waitress, also the owner, Davine took very good care of us. Three of us had abalone and Will (of course) fish & chips...very, very yummy. If you are ever pasting thru Charleston, make this a definite stop. Then it was on to Shore Acres State Park or A truly beautiful park where at one of the look out points we were able to see many, many sea lions and beautiful large rock formations in the ocean. Because the ocean was calm this day, the waves were not crashing against the rocks clear up the side of the hills. But the most unbelievable sight was a fisherman, fishing off one of the rock points, 50 to 75 feet right above the ocean. When we had the telescope on him, not believing what we were seeing, he actually caught a fish and reeled it in and Will guessed it about 20 inches. Fabulous!!!

We then went into a beautiful garden, at this park, that at one time was the private estate of an early lumberman. We wandered around the gardens and ponds and viewed the gorgeous plants and flowers (think Pacific Grove, CA) Our friends said that two of their kids were married in this garden. I'm sure if you check out their website you will see what I mean.

Then it was back to their home site, which is two acres on a hillside, surrounded by lush greenery and trees. They have a family of deer that visited them each day. Ron & Roby have done an incredible amount of work, with a gazebo, a garden, a place for their boat (hey Rog, they both fish on the bay several times EACH WEEK, eat your heart out!) and live in their motor home. They love it here and it's easy to see why, leaving only in the winter time. Well tomorrow is another fun filled day with our friends and then sadly we will say good by with many memories and much thanks. Signing off with much love to our family and friends.


Rita said...

You two are experiencing some beautiful country, but you really got my attention when you talked about the garden that is reminiscent of Pacific Grove. My kind of place!

Anxiously awaiting the next adventure.

Kay said...

Carole and Will, We just read your blog and are very jealous that you are visiting all our favorite places. We have stayed in Brookings, Gold Beach and Bandon and our very favorite which we return to every year we can, Charleston. We have stayed many times at the Charleston Marina RV Park and have seen the restaurant but have never tried it. We will next time we are there. Your trip sounds great.