Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fall City, WA

Sunday 7/26/09 Ok, I can't wait to get out of this Indian Casino parking lot we have slept in. First off, Will was unable to level the RV & we were constantly walking on a slant and I mean a big slant. Throw in the fact we had no electricity & no shower I passed on the morning walk just to get out of here right after breakfast.

Well the plan is to head to Puyallup, WA which is very close to Tacoma, WA & I want to see the Dale Chihuly, Museum of Glass. I saw an exhibit of his last winter in Arizona at the Botanical Gardens in Phoenix and was completely awed. In reading up on "things to do" in Washington, I discovered the Mr. Chihuly is from Tacoma, WA & has a glass museum and I told Will, that was definitely on my MUST DO list.

The only RV park we could find in the area, about 15 miles from Tacoma, was the Puyallup County Fairgrounds, (oh no not another fairground stay...yikes) but with little choice we plugged in the address to Wills' other girlfriend, the GPS, and off we go. When we arrive at the fairgrounds it was very obvious that something was going on - lots of cars and people. Well it turns out it is the annual Goodguys Hot Rod & Car Show at the fairgrounds - with approx. 4,300 old cars of every description being shown. Well I paniced, fearful we won't be able to get into the RV park of the fairgrounds and Will just wants to park & go see the old cars. We find the RV park across the street and the only reason we were able to get in there - it was the last day of the car show & RV rigs were leaving...that would be the looser people/car leaving. We set up the RV in record time, put on some shorts and headed for car show. It was about 11 am when we arrived & the show would be over at 3:00 pm that day. As they are having a record breaking heat spell in this area, 4 hours of walking around the fairgrounds was definitely enough time, at least for me.

When we got back I called the Museum of Glass www.museumofglass.org to get the needed information for our trip in Tacoma www.traveltacoma.com on Monday only to discover to my horror they are closed on Monday and Tuesday and open Wednesday thru Sunday. Of course I have now spent my valuable Sunday at the fairgrounds walking the car show & am now faced with 2 days sitting in a "parking lot" waiting for Wednesday. I am not a happy camper at this moment but hey, it's all part of the adventure, I try & tell myself. I decide to call our next RV park, Tall Chief located in Fall City, WA & see if we can come in early and Will has consented to drive back on Wednesday from Fall City, which is about an hour away....so problem solved. We spend Sunday in Puyallup (pronouced poo-all-up) and head out on Monday. The best thing of course was being in hot weather again, taking a shower & having electricity....the simple things in life.

Monday, 7/27/09 We are back out in big city traffic, I-5 and 405 heading for Fall City, WA. We do discover that Fall City is right off I-90 which is just east of Seattle but back in"big trees" area. Tall Chief www.westernhorizonresorts.com has nice, large RV spaces with really big trees surrounding each campsite. What we do discover it doesn't have is full hook ups....NO sewers, just electricity & water. Now when you are going to be in an RV park for 7 days, with NO sewer, you better make plans. Of course, the "honey bucket" truck, as they call it, comes around twice a week but because we are so close to the restrooms/laundry room we decide we will use THEIR facilities. (remember...it's the adventure!) Well do we have laundry, after several days before Victoria, then Victoria we have a big stack of dirty clothes, so we gather everything up and head on down to the laundry room where I use all 4 of the washing machines. It always feels so good to get that job done.

It is now over 100 degrees in this park with some humitity and it is hot, it is over 100 degrees in the RV so we start the a.c. and within an hour we blew a circuit breaker. The maintainace guy came & replaced it but when it happened again latter on at a different circuit breaker....Will just turned it back on. Will was puzzled but figured out our water heater is electric and with the a.c. on we were pulling to many amps. This park only has 30 amps not 50 amps as most parks do so we switch over the water heater to butane. Now you ask, who cares....I'm just trying to give you an idea of how our day went. Of course after that, problem solved - no more outages..... and the a.c. in this rigg does a very nice job. Well with clean clothes, a shower it is time to call it a day. Oh yes, we have no tv at this location....to many trees and the satellite cannot find the signal, however, I love the peace & quiet of that.

Tuesday, 7/28/09 Another warm day, I have taken care of "my book work" answered emails (I just love that my computer/phone works here) so decide to beat the heat & head for the pool and work on my tan that has been very neglected on this trip. It's a very lovely pool and filling up quickly with lots of children with their parents/grandparents. The water is disgustingly HOT and not a bit refreshing but what the heck....how can I complain, I'm NOT working & sitting out at the pool in the state of Washington, so shut up...caw! I can only manage 2 hours sitting out there, I don't know what drove me off...the heat or the kids playing Marco Polo. What the hell kind of a game is that anyway??? I walk back home and then head down to the public showers to finally feel some cold water while I take a shower. Life is good again. Then I head into our very comfortable RV for a 2 hour nap (gosh, I hate telling how bad I have it) Dinner and then a drive into Fall City, a small town consisting of about 4 blocks but a least they have a grocery store. Well that brings me up to right now, going to bed shortly and tomorrow we head for Tacoma and the Glass Museum...finally. Signing off for now with love to family and friends while the adventure continues.

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Rita said...

Oh CAW, you are so funny and interesting with your stories.......I loved that name, Poo-all-up - I'm thinking it means going at both ends!
I heard it was record heat up that way. It will make you miss Fresno.