Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sleepless in Chehalis, WA

Tuesday, 7/7/09 and it's 7:30 am in the morning & we are waiting for the RV place to open so we can get the light fixed and head back to Elma, WA, but had to make note of the excitement we had last night while I could still get on the Internet.

We had just stuffed cotton in our ears and had gotten in to bed and was listening to all the trucks whizzing by on I-5 and decided it was going to be a very long night. When we heard sirens, lots of them, real loud and all of a sudden we saw red lights shinning thru the window shades on the I-5 side. All I could think of is it was the cops checking why we were parked/sleeping on the frontage road. We got up & put the window shades up and there was a fire burning directly across the frontage road from us with fire trucks & cops everywhere. The cops were stopping the traffic on the frontage road & the fireman were standing back a pretty good distance from the fire shooting water on it and this is all going on while we are sitting there in our "jammies" watching. After they got the flames out they had big flashlights checking out the area, maybe looking for what started the fire? After sometime they sprayed foam stuff all along the grass area & up a phone pole. What excitement while we were "sleepless in Chehalis."

We figured it must have been fireworks as people were shooting fireworks/firecrackers off early in the evening in a field on the opposite side of I-5....this could have been a stray. Thank God it didn't land on OUR side of the street.

Only 30 more minutes till this outfit opens, and they hopefully they put the RV back together then it's off to Wal Mart (2 exits away and we can't pass up a Wal Mart, as there aren't that many in the Northwest.) I guess this is just all part of the RV experience and adventure. Signing off with much love to family & friends.

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