Thursday, July 2, 2009

Our last day at Long Beach Pennisula

Wednesday, 7/1/09 Well after yesterdays "really long walk on the beach" I decided to not walk today and give my feet a well earned rest. So we headed off in the car to see the rest of the peninsula, that means instead of turning right to go into Long Beach we turned left & headed for Ocean Park, Oysterville and a wild life refuge at the very end of the peninsula, you must remember our luck in viewing w.l.r....practically zero. A very pretty drive, Ocean Park had an incredible hardware store (yeah Will wanted to stop there) Oysterville, a very short historic district and the Wild Life Refuge....well no animals that we were able to see but maybe 2 million mosquitoes. I have never been attacked like that before, just after we opened the door they started swarming all over us. Will was trying to "beat them off me" while I was getting back in the car, but some managed to make it inside, of course I took delight in killing everyone of them. Needless to say we got out of there quickly and laughed all the way back. A wild life refuge devoted to mosquitoes, that's unique.

We then headed for Ilwaco, WA, a small town on the other side of Long Beach & went through their museum, that had a restored railroad passenger car & also small model trains that ran on tracks thru villages they had built. It was a nice day, sun shinning, wind blowing & cotton in our ears. Back home for dinner, a night of TV and early to bed because tomorrow is moving day.

Thursday, 7/2/09 Up early to get my 3 mile walk in today, of course, there will be no beach for me, just around the RV park for 45 minutes...can't take any chances this morning as we have to get going to our next stop....Elam, WA. It was a much longer drive for Will today, approx. 75 miles and we are finally leaving the coast highway 101 and coming inland a little bit. I'm excited as this is close to where our Yuma, AZ friends, Ann & Al live....Chehalis, WA. They told us we were only about 30 miles from them.

We arrive at Elam RV Park only to discover that they didn't have our reservation but not to worry they will find a place for us. Now when you pull in this park it's very lovely, nicely groomed spaces, near the club house & laundry facilities. They apologize & tell us they will have to put us in "the back" but we have full I say, not a problem. Actually, you can't find a vacancy in an RV park around here with the July 4th holiday. So we proceed to "the back" and our neighbor has to move her tomato plants & truck for us to park in our space. But it's ok, our other neighbors Cindy & Tony have been so nice and helpful and we are just grateful to be settled.

The afternoon was spent checking out the town of Elma, going to the grocery store, and haircuts for Will and I. A typical moving day and we are so grateful to be warm again and will start sightseeing (our jobs) tomorrow. Signing off with much love to family and friends.

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Bev said...

Well as usual I just get mesmerized with your accounts of your adventures. It must be such fun. Never thought much about travel, other than my idea of camping is a motel surounded by tall trees, but your blog may just change my mind. Oh, I know that RVing is not camping, but it is mighty close. Anyway keep up the blog, it is really most interesting. BE SAFE