Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Beautiful Oregon Garden, Silverton,OR

Tuesday 8/18/09 It's always fun the first day in a new town to see where my 3 mile power walk will take me & what I will see. I find that we are just a short distance out of Silverton, OR so I walk that way going up & down residential streets, it's a cute little town filled with nurseries with acres of flowers growing & agriculture....they have tons of fresh fruit & veggies available here, a beautiful, very scenic place. I'm excited about this place and we could live right here in this RV park for VERY CHEAP...when I told Will that, he just smiles & goes about his business. Anyway, I know, Fresno/Clovis is OUR home.

It's time to head out to work...that would be "sightseeing" for us, so I plug the address in the GPS girlfriend & she says we are 2 miles & 5 minutes away.....how's that for an excursion, so off we go. The Oregon Garden www.oregongarden.org was opened in 2001 and is on 80 acres of land. It's a most interesting garden as there are 20 specialty gardens and many of the "big" nurseries have designed, planted & even supply the up keep of their portion so there will be small signs such as, Monrovia Gardens or Al's Garden Shop and the place seems to be run by volunteers and some paid employees. I'm sure if you check out their website you too will be amazed by this place. When we first got there we took the tram ride around the entire garden while the volunteer gave an over view of the place, then after that we walked through just about every display. Had our fabulous picnic lunch in the parking lot overlooking The Gordon House by Frank Lloyd Wright that was moved to this location when the present owner was going to tear it down www.thegordonhouse.org You can tour the house, by appointment only for a charge of $5.00 but for now this was good enough. Also on this property they have a place for outdoor concerts, which Sawyer Brown was just here last weekend, we or should I say "I" would have loved that. They have a beautiful hotel called Moonstone Hotel that sits high above the gardens & overlooks it all.

This has been a wonderful day, they are having a heat wave today & tomorrow....expecting 96 degrees, we are the only people in the park that don't have the a/c running....we are loving it after being so bundled up for so long. We finally bid farewell to the gardens & head on down & I tell Will to stop at the Frank Lloyd Wright house as I just want to walk around & look at it. I'm sure I will never be this close to one again & I just can't pass it up. I head down towards the door & see an "open" sign on it, so of course I walk on in. There are workman there working on the restoration or "putting it back together" since the move. There doesn't seem to be anyone there but I hear voices coming from upstairs, it turns out it is the guide leading a tour of 3 people. He looks at me with a "drop dead" look & I tell him I saw the open sign & wondered if a tour might be available, he "sniffs out" at 3:00 pm & continues on his way. Will comes in, after parking the car & we look around at the living room, the kitchen, the outside grounds & decide we don't need to spend $5.00 - we've seen enough and may I add....Will was NOT IMPRESSED, I know you will be shocked at that one!

We return home, tired but happy, we had a great time today, now I go wash the sheets we changed this morning (it's a cheap laundry room, which is hard to find on the road - $1.00 to wash & $1.00 to dry) so everything is getting washed here! A quick dinner & a quick blog update and that's another great day on our fabulous adventure. Signing off with much love to family and friends.

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