Monday, August 17, 2009

Good bye WA - Hello Silverton, OR

Sunday 8/16/09 Can you believe it....our last day in Washington and the sun comes out!!! Some how "it" must know we have had enough rain & gray skies. We have decided instead of going back to the Columbia River Gorge we will just hang out around the Big Fir campground. Beside, the RV is dirty and Will can't wait to wash it - another fun day for Will.

I have been taking my walk in a gated community across the street from the RV park. There are only about 8 homes in this entire development which is on about 20 acres with roadways running through the development . Several have stables with horses but one place has a main house, and two "guest" houses with a total...count them....7 regular garages & 2 RV garages. The grounds are amazing, every plant is perfectly trimmed, some even in shapes of animals, a waterfall w/2 levels and on the back of his property he has over 250 red Japanese maple trees in nursery buckets, row after row. I'm telling you, I have to come next year just to see what he does with this place. Also surrounding the whole area is a huge Christmas Tree farm. This place is gorgeous.

We head into the town, Battle Ground, WA to mail some postcards and find a Chinese restaurant to do our last night in Washington up big! We find the main post office on Main St (where else?) and a Chinese restaurant right across the street (you gotta love little towns!) We venture in and it's a Will kind of place - dinners with numbers in front of them...makes it easy for him to order. I have meatless Lo Mein and mine is delicious & his is just so so. But at least dinner is over & we head home for showers & an evening of reading. (No TV here)

We had a real treat this evening, our neighbor Kevin & his mom Shirley invited Will & I to drive up to one of the hilly areas to watch the sun set over the Columbia River. However, first they took us by this home of one of the local contractors that has amazing collection of wood carvings on his property, right near the road for the public to drive by and enjoy. There were bears, horses, eagles, Dalmatian dog, pig, large logs & so much more, all just beautifully displayed. Unfortunately, he has NO website I can direct you to and you know...I don't take pictures. Boy, I sure wish I would have had a camera for this one. He even had an old, brick school house, with desks & blackboards brought over to his property, which he is restoring & will open for the public to see. I guess another reason to come back.

When we arrived for the sunset we discovered this was another beautiful neighborhood (there sure seems to be a lot of money in this area) we found an empty lot that we were able to park with a perfect view of the Columbia River and the sun setting. Actually, Kevin & Shirley come up here at least once a week to watch the sunset...I see where it could become very addictive. I can't imagine how far we could see but it was a very long way. There were barges & a freighter on the river and we were watching that sun drop like a big beautiful ball. It was absolutely gorgeous and the show continued after the sun had set, with the sky & clouds turning, pink to orange & lighting up the entire sky. It was almost as good as the sunset on Waikiki Beach in Hawaii. After, we stopped by a favorite restaurant of theirs for dessert.....Will said the coconut cream pie was deeee - licious....A wonderful, unexpected treat for Sunday night with two very nice people....thank you Kevin & Shirley....& you promised to stay in touch.

Monday 8/17/09 Gosh, we have been in Washington for 6 weeks, it's hard to believe we are finally leaving and going back into Oregon. It sure sounds like we are heading home but I am refusing to believe it. Anyway, we bid our farewells to Kevin & Shirley & have enjoyed our time we have spent in Big Fir RV campground but it's time to leave again!

We are heading for located in Silverton, OR another cheap campsite out of Passport America and you can be sure it will be way off of I-5, they always are. We discover Silverton is only a little over an hours drive, thanks to girlfriend GPS so we are off. On our way we pass through Portland, OR the only city I really wanted to see but never got to (Sorry Linda D.) I guess just another reason to go back. Well the drive down is gorgeous, the temp is about 80 degrees with lots of sun much more to our liking. We find Silver Spur RV park & are delighted how nice it looks and it has NO trees which means the satellite will work & we will have TV...movies for Will & ESPN for me! We also learn that just 2 miles down the road is something called Oregon Gardens, so that will be our outing for tomorrow. And just a little further is a State Park with seven...count them - 7 waterfalls, so of course you know that is on "our to do list" also.

The remainder of the day is taken up with chores, wash clothes, heavy duty cleaning in the RV, meet the neighbors, and Will has booked with a local outfit here to have the RV washed & waxed on Thursday right here in the park, he says it needs it but the thing looks immaculate. So now it's time to take a nap in this fabulous 85 degree weather with a wonderful breeze blowing....while I have on the "trusty black shorts" and sports feels just like home. Sending out much love to all our family and friends & the adventure is continuing - most definitely.

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