Wednesday, February 1, 2012

We arrived in Clearwater, FL

Tuesday, 1/31/12 - Our last day in Puenta Gorda in this wonderful park, Sun N Shade. Boy, if I had it to do over I would have stayed 2 months here and 2 weeks in Miami. As much as we loved Larry & Penny Thompson RV park and our wonderful friends.......we LOVED Puenta Gorda and the small town pace, activities and the RV park. Actually, it has just been a great experience in all of the places we have been in Florida and especially the many, great new "forever friends" we have made.

Our last day was spent with me sunning at the pool for 3 hours.....a great hot dog dinner for Will at 5 pm (rating: an 8 out 10) and an RV Maintenance Seminar at 6:30 pm that was very interesting and lots of good information.

Wednesday, 2/1/12 - Well it's MOVING DAY today.....destination - Clearwater, FL which is approximately 2 hours north of us and still on the Gulf side of Florida. We said our good by's to our next door neighbors....Buck, Will's good early morning friend and Peter, of the musical group, Cheeky Monkey.....and Peter here's hoping our paths cross in Santa Cruz, CA someday!!!!!

We got a pretty early stop and enjoyed the ride up I75 and then crossed over to 275 and then over the Sunshine Bridge....painted bright yellow. We then found highway 19 North which is where our new RV park is located and then girlfriend, GPS started "drinking" again and went crazy. We decided to stop and fill up with gas at a Shell station while we figured out where we were (call the park!) and while attempting to get gas....our debit card was declined! We then spent the next half hour on the phone with the credit union in Clovis to find out what the problem is. Finally, they got it figured out and we were able to fill up with gas - $3.51 unleaded, regular - $130 worth. Then found out where we needed to go and found the new park within 15 minutes.

It's a pretty nice park, Travel World RV in Clearwater, lots of park models and LOTS of French Canadians....the first person I spoke to didn't speak English....they say the park is half and half....French & "others?" We did meet a nice English speaking couple behind us - Bob & Sylvia from Newfoundland. But tomorrow we will start exploring around the area and find out what they have around here.

Actually, I am looking forward to daughter, Nancy coming to Clearwater/Tampa for Spring Training about the middle of February, then the fun begins. I can't wait.

On a sad note: Elraine's husband, Kenneth passed away today at 3:15 pm Fresno time, please keep their family in your prayers. Kenneth was a wonderful husband and great friend and LOVED the SF Giants, I will always regret he never made it to Spring Training in Scottsdale, AZ - his one dream in life.

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