Monday, January 30, 2012

This and that in Puenta Gorda, FL

Saturday, 1/28/12 - A beautiful day in the high 70s and we headed down Tamiami Trail about 6 miles away to a local car show that was being held in the Home Depot parking lot. Will especially liked the 53 Ford Convertible and the 37 Ford, just like Wills first car....way back when, a gift from Aunt Betty. We also saw the 1957 Thunderbird that had just taken "Best of Show" in a huge 400 car show, the week before. My personal favorite was the 63 red, convertible Corvette...did you get the picture, Rog?

After, we headed down to the Peace River Wildlife Rehab Center. It is a wonderful place located in Ponce de Leon Park, in Puenta Gorda that relies completely on donations to help birds of all kind rehab from injuries they have sustained. Many of the birds will be taken care of "forever" as they have injuries that will not allow them to be released back into the wild. However, if a bird can be healed it will most certainly be released. The best part was a very large area, that is open on top, has so many birds flying in trying to get a "free meal." The volunteers (they are all volunteers) have to keep shooing them away and they said the storks are the most aggressive and meanest. We had a young girl Lexi about 11 years old, give us a private tour around the place telling us about the different animals. She comes every Saturday morning and donates her time to work there. Great job Lexi!!! After we walked out of there we walked along the beach in this park and it was just beautiful.....very few people and beautiful white sand on the beaches around here. I just LOVE this area.

After we left there it was a WalMart run and then we had to come home and rest up for the spaghetti dinner with a dance afterwards. Unfortunately, the spaghetti dinner didn't seem to agree with me so we only stayed for a half hour of the music which consisted of a DJ playing/sing Karaoke songs from the 50 & 60's plus a "cowboy guy" singing country. They both were really good and we would have enjoyed it but I needed to be home, so we left. I might add about the people in this park - they sure drink a LOT OF WINE. When they hear we are from California they all know Gallo Wineries and Napa country. Go figure.

Sunday, 1/29/12 - Thank goodness I feel a lot better today - what ever it was didn't last long. Our friends Larry & Juanita called us to join them and another couple at Sweet Tomato's - and OMG how could I say favorite Fresno restaurant. We went over to their house and rode with them to the restaurant as they are from Fort Meyers and very familiar with where everything is. We met their friends, Bob and Doris, a wonderful 80 year old couple from Indiana that have been traveling for over 30 years and have been in every state more than once. Very nice people and honestly it is one of the best things of traveling - all the really nice people you meet and hear their stories. I promised myself I would go "light" on the eating...yeah right, it's Sweet Tomato's and they have granola and very favorite. Needless to say I got my monies worth. However, as of Monday....the eating out has to STOP!

We sat for a long time in the restaurant talking and visiting and telling our life stories and then headed back to Larry & Juanita's and visited for a little longer. By this time is was getting late and we headed home as neither one like to drive in the dark, but I was stuck doing it this evening. A fun weekend and we are sooooooo glad that Larry & Juanita are moving "up the state" in Florida about 15 minutes or so from where we will be. That will be our third move together! Amazing.

A note of great sadness and personal dear friend Elraine's husband, Kenneth is in Nancy Hinds Hospice and is not expected to live much longer. Please remember them in your is an incredibly hard time for their family. Much love to all our family and friends.

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Rita said...

Just now catching up on several days worth of blogs (always interesting) but was saddened to hear about Elraine's husband. I think I met him at Bill's funeral. Will definitely pray for her.

Stay safe..........R