Thursday, March 5, 2009's hard work!

Tuesday, 3/3/09 Well it's back out to Peoria today for another baseball game with the San Diego Padres and the LA Dodgers. It was a good game and the Dodgers won 5 to 4, yoo-hoo. Will is still trying to collect Dodger autographs on his Dodger baseball for Uncle Lloyd, (his brother) of course he is up to the grand number of 3 signings so I'm thinking I better take over the job at this Friday's game as it is our last chance. I have been the official photographer with my "throw away" Kodak camera. Peoria is a great baseball park, with the best hot dogs but we wondered why we were always so tired when we got home from a game....well, Peoria is 100 miles, round trip to our RV park in Mesa. I also must take a moment to apologize to my "son in law"....Billy Boy. He called me at the game today, and due to all the noise, I didn't recognize his voice and didn't know who was calling. He kept saying, it's Bill, my reply....Bill who? Then he yells out to the family, "she really doesn't know who I am." OK Bill, I'm not loosing it, I promise, I just couldn't hear that well and I must have been having a "senior moment." I'm so sorry my dear....I did promise them this evening, I would write in the blog exactly where we are just in case it becomes necessary to find us.....Mesa Spirit RV Park, 3020 So Main Street #L65, Mesa, AZ...(do you feel better Kim?)

Wednesday, 3/4/09 was a day of total relaxation. Our only outing was to Costco as I am almost out of popcorn and of course that CANNOT happen. The only other thing we did was I laid in the sun for a couple hours and Will took a nap. The weather is cooling down to the high 70's so it was a day of rest.

Thursday, 3/5/09 Well it was back out to Peoria (the 100 mile trip) for a baseball game between the Seattle Mariners and the Los Angeles Angeles. And just for Cheryl Gerety, the Angels won 4 to 2. The most exciting thing was before the game we spotted Garrett Olson, a LHP for the Mariners. Garrett, the son of my former boss, Ken Olson, was traded this spring from the Baltimore Orioles to the Mariners. We both ran down to the stadium section where he was on the field and I started yelling (with no shame, I might add) Garrett, Garrett....he looked up and was so surprised to see me, he got a big grin on his face & came right over & gave me a big hug. Will & I talked with him and he is soooo happy to be with the Mariners and very excited about this team. We took our picture with him and talked about coming back on Sunday, 3/8 to see him as he will probably pitch a few innings that day. So it looks like another trip to's a good thing the Saturn is getting over 30 miles to the gallon and we aren't driving the RV.

We had great front row seats and sat next to a nice guy, John from Payson, AZ who is an American League baseball fan and a Yankee fan to boot. We enjoyed talking with him at the game. We also were sitting about 15 feet from Mike Holgrim, the recently retired football coach of the Seattle Seahawks. I even convinced Will to go sit down next to him when his friend left the game so I could take "their picture" together. I must add before doing this, all afternoon, people were coming up to him asking for autographs on baseballs, hats, jackets, pictures so it's not like I was the only one. We also were so impressed how nice and accommodating he was to everyone.

Well we are back home in the RV and have even "blown off" going to see the country music jam session in the activities hall as we are just too tired to move. I keep saying this life is hard work but one we are loving. Much love to our family and friends.

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Cheryl said...

Carole, I can just see you running down as close to the field as you could get and yelling at Garrett. And, I can also see his cute grin when he recognized you. What a great adventure you are having!