Sunday, March 8, 2009

Our Spring Training gig has ended!!

Friday, 3/6/09 Well it's hard to believe that spring training is over for us, actually we were planning on going to the Mariners on Sunday 3/8 but plans changed...more on that latter. Anyway it's Friday and we are headed over to the Chicago Cubs, Hohokam Park in Mesa (right next door to where we are staying) to see the Dodgers and Cubs. We are to meet Will's friend Mike there and he is going to buy a ticket to get in & then we will find 3 seats least that was the plan. When we arrived at 11:30 that morning, at the park, they were just announcing that the game was "sold out" so Will called Mike and fortunately he was just leaving so we gave him the sad baseball for him. We proceeded to the VIP line to pick up our tickets, compliments of daughter Nancy and were told the Cubs tickets had not been sent down so just wait with all the other VIPs "over there." About 12:15 the tickets arrived & we all got in line and when it was my turn, they had NO tickets for Carole Willis. Actually, after 7 games and waiting in will call lines I was surprised this was the first time for a "screw up" but of course not be to deterred (right Rog?) I called our Chicago connection & got his voice mail (of course) and left a message saying I would wait about 15 minutes to hear from him. I checked the window again & they now called my connection in Chicago and wouldn't you know about 15 minutes we had our tickets. They handed me 2 tickets & a receipt for $58.00 (SOMEBODY bought them, not me) and we headed for the second row, right behind home plate & Joe Torres, the Dodgers manager...yes, we sat right behind him & I got lots of pictures of the back of his head. Anyway, it was a great game, Dodgers beat the Cubs, 5 to 4 and I was able to work on my tan - on my back! P.S. Vijay, did call me from Chicago and apologized for the screw up and was glad it all worked too, thanks Vijay.

Saturday, 3/7/09 didn't start out to well, Will & I were going to go to the grocery store, that morning, and as I started out the RV door, I slipped & fell all the way down the steps, bouncing my back side all the way down. Fortunately, Will was at the bottom of the steps & was able to break my fall by grabbing my arm & stopping me from hitting the ground. He helped me to the outside chair & I sat there stunned and tried to see if everything was OK....which it was. We thought I might be black & blue from the fall but I wasn't, actually the worse thing that happened, my neck is sore & it was hard sleeping that night, but I was very lucky I didn't break anything. The rest of the day I moved pretty slow and took a nap. That evening we were going to barbecue with our neighbors, Bob & Judy, but the RV park grills were all reserved for a club party so we blew off fixing dinner and went out for Mexican food to a great restaurant that Mike Cooley recommended in Mesa. It was great food and atmosphere, thanks Mike.

Of course if it's Saturday, it's BINGO night in the RV park and fall or no fall I wasn't going to miss my last night and chance at bingo. So after dinner, we headed over to our reserved spots (Bob reserves them about 11:00 am that morning) and I'm sorry to report, we didn't win again, but we had fun, I think I'll have to find a bingo game next Saturday....somewhere in Camp Verde, where we are headed. After a long day it was good to lay down and try & get some sleep. I can't believe our time here in Mesa Spirit is almost over, we leave next Tuesday morning, 3/10/09.

Sunday, 3/8/09 we were suppose to go & see the Mariner game & Garrett Olson, he was going to have 4 tickets on hold for us but because of the fall we decided to pass on that long drive & just stay home & relax. Which is what we did, Will washes the car to relax and I head out to the pool for a little sun. It was a slow day at the pool, the sun tan ladies must have been busy because only two others showed up. So a day in the sun, a nice nap & a bowl of soup for dinner....that sums up our Sunday. I feel much better and the rest did me good. Thank you Lord I didn't break anything.

Hope all is well with family and friends...we miss everyone and look forward to seeing "you guys" in a couple of weeks..much love to all.


Rita said...

You do have some exceptional "PULL" when it comes to baseball! Good job. Wow, watch that first step - it's a long one! Happy to hear nothing was hurt except maybe your pride.
Looking forward to your return - the Breakfast Club has a lot to catch up on!

Bev said...

Sorry to hear you fell, but go glad that nothing was broken. All that sun must have helped somewhat. BE SAFE