Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bullhead City, AZ

Thursday, 3/19/09 we arrived at Fiesta RV park, a very nice park, got settled & met our wonderful neighbors across the street, Kay and Brian of Atwater, CA....go figure, real neighbors. Kay turned out to be a wealth of great information and we have visited back and forth several times. We plan to go out to breakfast with them next Tuesday.

Friday, 3/20/09 was a VERY warm, sunny day, just perfect for laying out by the pool and tanning, which of course is what I did. We made plans to meet our friends, Roby & Ron of Oregon, the couple we met in Camp Verde, AZ (they are also in Bullhead City now.) We met about 4 pm at the casino, Riverview, the first casino next to the bridge on the Colorado river. They wanted to gamble for a while so Will & I went to explore the beautiful old car collection that they have. It has 2 sections of all types of old cars (including a 54 Corvette, Rog) and was great fun walking through them. At 5 pm we met our friends at the seafood buffet and proceeded to fill ourselves with every kind of seafood possible, of course, that would be all of us EXCEPT Will, he took his usual mashed potatoes and prime rib (seafood???) and NO dessert, he was to full. Needless, to say Will has not gained an ounce on this trip.

After dinner, we purchased tickets to see the Bill Medley Family show playing in their theater upstairs. Bill Medley, for those who don't know, is the surviving member of the Righteous Brothers, a group from the 50/60's. Now I must tell you, the idea to see this show was completely Wills' and we all agreed and went to the ticket counter to see if tickets were still available. Lucky us, we were able to get 4 seats at a table in the second lucky was that! Well the show started at 8 pm so after dinner, we split up & Will & I took a walk outside on the "river walk" sidewalk because at this moment I felt like I might explode after dinner and thought it would be better to be outside. After a short walk, the pressure was subsiding and we returned to find our seats in the theater. Roby & Ron were already there and we were all looking forward to it. The curtain goes up, the Paul Revere & the Raiders (yikes, does anyone remember them????) came on as Bill Medley's son is now the lead singer for PR Raiders. Well after exactly 3 songs, of very loud rock & roll music, Will leaned over to me and said he couldn't take anymore and would wait outside for us until after the show. And with that he was gone. The Bill Medley family consisted of a 43 year old son, a 30 something daughter & a 68 year old Bill Medley. I enjoyed the show very much, especially the old Righteous Brothers music, and yes it was loud but I was rocking out & enjoyed myself thoroughly. I think Roby & Ron wished they would have stayed in the casino gambling. But it was fun being with them that evening and we look forward to seeing them in Oregon this summer. Gosh, party animals that we are we didn't get to bed until midnight.

Saturday, 3/21/09 another beautiful day that took me to the pool to sun tan & Will had as much fun washing & waxing the front of the RV. You see he does it section by section that way not having all that fun at one time. Still full from last night we decided to have a light dinner at home. A trailer that is directly across from us has several roadrunner birds that come to her house every evening about 5:30 pm to get fed. What she does, is place raw hamburger rolled up into small meat ball size on a plate and they come up & take the meat back to their nest. If the food isn't out there, they will go up on her porch & make noise letting her know, she is late! We decided to eat our dinner out on TV trays & watch this bird action, it was amazing. Right on cue they appear & take the hamburger in their mouth, roll it around in the gravel & then run off with it. I actually got a couple pictures of this & sure hope they turn out. After the "show" & the dishes were done, we sat out with Kay & Brian & spent the evening visiting. They have predicted heavy winds tomorrow, up to 40 miles per hour but today is calm and beautiful.

Sunday, 3/22/09 A beautiful, sunny morning, no wind at all, we think these people are crazy, they say the winds in this area are furious, but you can't prove it by us. Will went up & bought a Sunday paper and that was my plan, read the paper & sit by the pool but somehow we decided to take a ride and see the two RV parks we were unable to get into. We did & was so glad it didn't work out & we are at the park we are at. We then decided to take a ride up to Oatman, AZ, a small town on old route 66 that is famous for burros wandering through the streets. It's only about 15 miles from Bullhead City so off we went. The town is a very, cute tourist town, lots of "junk/souvenirs" to buy, a gun fight at noon and yes, they have burros walking in the streets. They sell carrots which you can feed to the donkeys however if it's a baby burro has a sticker on its forehead that says, "don't feed me, I will choke" - don't feed them. Well after parking the car we noticed it was getting colder & after the gun fight & our lunch, it started to rain and the wind started to blow. We ran for the car & headed home. I have never seen weather change so fast like that. When we arrived home the wind was really blowing, so we put the outside chairs up & headed inside. Now I don't know if those winds were 40 mph but it was blowing. So much so that Will put the living room slide in without me even having to ask him to do so. With that we turned the heater/fireplace on, laid down to take a nap & wait for this to blow over. By 7 pm the wind was gone but we are leaving the slide in tonight just in case. It sure makes the RV feel like our old one, Will is able to sit in his chair & put his feet up on my couch......that's close living folks.

Well it's hard to believe we will be home next Saturday, 3/28 but it sure has been a great trip. I do think Will & I are ready to see our family and friends...we have missed everyone...much love to all.

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Bev said...

How many way can I say that you have almost taken me along on your adventures. You and your description of everything is outstanding. Make it home safe. You are missed.