Saturday, September 3, 2011

The last stop before Nancy & Howard's-Milford, PA

Friday, 9/2/11 - Who can believe it's already September and in a couple of weeks we will have been gone from Fresno 4 months. The time has gone by so fast and here it is a three day weekend - Labor Day. Of course we don't do much labor anymore so probably aren't entitled to take this holiday! We left central upstate New York Friday morning and arrived at our Coast to Coast park, Lake Adventure Community, Milford, PA the last stop before we head into New Jersey to visit Nancy and Howard....yeah.

All the places we have stayed are either an RV or campground park....this is our first "community." And that's what it is, a community, there are probably over 1,400 lots here and we discovered they have 16 reserved for Coast to Coast members. When we arrived at 4 pm, after a long day of driving, they had our paper work ready for us and we headed out to find our "lot #93." What we found was was a straight up, 4 to 6% grade of weeds with a "top spot" of 12x15. Just how we were suppose to get a 35' motor home up there was totally laughable. Of course, I wasn't laughing. I told Will, who was in the RV, "wait here and I will go back to the office/security and talk to them. The guy who helped us was brand new, first day on the job and he assigned us another site he said was "flat." So I went back to where Will was waiting in the RV, me in the car with map in hand driving through this monster place looking for the second lot. When we were lost, 2 security ladies who were looking for us said the second lot he gave us wouldn't work either. So we left Will parked in the RV, I got in their car and they drove me around showing me what was available. Finally, after seeing several, I found one I thought would work: we could back in, the slides could come out and the lot appeared pretty level. I found Will and led him back to lot #609 on Bobcat Drive and worked. It's tight and we don't have a lot of extra space but it's level and we back up to a 75,000 acres of forest. It's as dark as dark can be at night and soooooo quiet it actually worked out just fine. It seems the Coast to Coast lots are just lots that were not premium and they didn't sell so they rent them out to RV'ers. Best part for me, were we are the roads are flat and for my early morning walks that's fabulous in this hilly country.

Saturday, 9/3/11 - Usually, the first day is a housekeeping day, so we cleaned the house, and I went to their laundromat as we had a ton of dirty clothes. It's always good to use the laundry facilities early on as you meet a lot of the locals and they have great were is the closest WalMart, what is there to see in the area, any Chinese restaurants near by? All the important things.

This afternoon was a WalMart run to the closest which is about 18 miles from us. Tomorrow we will start our sightseeing in the area. Of course we have to be back early as they have bingo here tomorrow night. Tonight is a dance in the clubhouse but because there are a lot of young people here I am sure Will would not be able to stand more than 5 minutes of the we will pass on that activity. But bingo, count us in. Much love to all our family and friends.

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