Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lots of chores done in Gettysburg, PA

Wednesday, 9/29 - I can't believe September is almost over and we have been gone over 4 months. The time seems to be flying by right now. We arrived in Gettysburg, PA on Sunday from New Jersey. We were here on our first big trip in 2004/05 and spent one week running through battlefields and museums. This time it is to get caught up with all our chores and the first big one I already did......catching up on the blog while I visited with Nancy & Howard.

While we have been here we have had both the RV and car serviced, hit the local WalMart, as we are out of everything, got our flu shots, caught up on my book work, mail (thank you do a great job in throwing out the junk!) wash clothes, vitamins/pills... all the things we do on a regular basis. It feels so good to be caught up.

The weather back here has been awful.....rain and more rain plus thunder and lightning at night. This afternoon was the first day we have seen any sun in Gettysburg and boy did it feel good. Now that we are all caught up with chores, tomorrow we are going to go down to the Gettysburg visitors center at 8am and try to get a tour guide that goes out with just us in our car and explains about the all the sites here. We wanted to do that on our last trip but only had a small truck and couldn't fit a third person in. We took the bus tour instead but always wanted to do the private 3 hour tour. We will set our alarm for 6:30 am and be there when they open and hopefully they will have one available. Friday morning we pull out of here on our way to Virginia where we will spend a few days. Slowly working our way down to Florida. Much love to all our family and friends.

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Rita said...

My God, you've been busy! I just finished reading everything since Sept. 8th and I'm tired! What a spectacular trip the two of you are having. I loved the surprise visit from Alice.