Thursday, September 1, 2011

Now a cruise on the Erie Canal, Herkimer, NY

Thursday, 9/1/11 - Okay, we just can't get enough of the Erie Canal and really want to take a ride on a boat of some type. Unfortunately, due to Hurricane Irene, all of the boats and locks in our immediate area are shut down because of storm damage. However, detective caw, found The Historical Erie Canal Cruise aboard Lil' Diamond, II out of Herkimer, NY. It's about an hours drive from our park but this is the first day they are open, due to Hurricane Irene and are offering 2 rides today....1 and 3 pm. I sign us up for the 1 pm tour and we head out this morning to see what Herkimer looks like and take our boat ride.

The weather is suppose to be 84 and sunny with a slight chance of rain this evening......Angelo must do their weather reports.....WRONG CALL. It started lightly raining when we left our house and never stopped the entire time we were on the boat including when we had our "standard picnic" lunch brought from home. However, the boat ride, the captain and the narration of the history and legends of the canal were wonderful. The entire boat ride takes 90 minutes round trip and you get to experience being raised and lowered 20 feet inside the lock. That was an amazing feat to experience. As I said it rained for the entire trip, of course we were inside but able to go outside if you dared....and I dared. I had my fabulous red, Europe nylon jacket on and took all the pictures I wanted.... (Nancy, can you imagine the scene?) Will and I loved this boat ride down the newest Erie Canal ...there were actually three canals built....even with the rain the best part was there were only 18 passengers on a boat that holds over 100 people.

After, we took a ride in historic downtown Herkimer to see the old brick buildings and churches then decided to head over to the Indian Casino, Turning Stone located in Verona, NY that Randy had told us about. Now unbelievable as it seems....Tiger Woods is in Verona, New York TODAY playing in a charity golf tournament with his old Stanford roommate....who is from Verona. I learned this on Sports Center during an interview with them yesterday. Turning Stone is a sponsor of the golf tournament and of course I expected a "Tiger sighting" but no such luck. We walked around the casino and left without so much as putting a nickel in the slot machines. Beautiful place, it looks a lot like our casino up by Coarsegold.

With that we headed home but girlfriend, GPS wasn't able to get us home, the road she sent us on had a bridge out and as Will said, not her fault. So we set her for Sylvan Beach because we know how to get home from there. As we entered Sylvan Beach we decide to eat dinner at Eddie's and then walk through a car show they were having at 6 pm tonight. A happening town, Sylvan Beach....Tuesday is motorcycle night, Wednesday is country music and Thursday is old cars. But unfortunately, we were dead tired and couldn't wait until 6 pm so headed home early. Another fun day and tomorrow we head out on the road again. Much love to all our family and friends.

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