Thursday, September 8, 2011

Rain, rain and MORE rain, Milford,PA

Thursday, 9/8/11 - It has been raining 3 days that's not every minute of three days but A me. It started on Monday of this week and we went no where, continued on Tuesday when we ventured out late that afternoon for Chinese food and Wednesday....still more rain and stayed in again. Now friends, this is a small space and there is NO TV service available here, either by antenna or satellite which leaves books and boy have we been reading the books. Will even had to go outside to his stockpile and bring more in.

We met some wonderful neighbors Mary and Jeff from New Jersey who just this summer bought a darling place up here at Camp Adventure and it is located on our street....Bobcat. Yesterday, when I spotted their New Jersey license plate on their car I asked Jeff, who was out barbecuing their dinner, what was the best way to Jersey City, NJ where our next RV park is. This morning they came down to our place and had all the answers. They spent several hours here visiting and sharing stories of families and it was wonderful having the company.

This afternoon, while NOT raining we decided to take a drive towards Dingmans Ferry which has a historic toll bridge over the Delaware River and then get something to eat. Well, can I tell you the river is running like crazy and really high. I understand the bridge had been closed and just opened but we couldn't believe the amount of water we saw every where. As Will was driving when you would look off the side of the road, we don't know if they were creeks or streams but water rushing was kind of scary. While down there I stopped at a gas station to get a newspaper and asked about the road Mary & Jeff told us to take out of here.....209 and the lady said they just closed it .....both ways because of flooding. So now we are (or I am) praying it will be open by Saturday when we leave. I have been checking the Atlas for plan B.

Oh well, we have to eat so headed to a place they had recommended, The Water Wheel in Milford but it was closed and we headed into town and found another place as we were both starved. Nice dinner and headed home to read some more. So looking forward to getting back on the road into "cement" like New Jersey and New York and getting out of the trees and raging rivers. Much love to all our family and friends.

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Bev said...

We see on TV all the flooding and damage on the East Coast, but your blog says it all. Be so very careful. We need you and your history lessons. Hello to Will and BE SAFE