Monday, January 23, 2012

A Biker Bar in Port Charlotte, FL

Sunday, 1/22/12 - A lazy, warm Sunday morning we (or I should say I) decided we should go in to Puenta Gorda to an Arts & Crafts Show. Now you know Will would have NEVER initiated that suggestion, but he was game to go check it out and beside we wanted to look around the Historical District of the town.

Puenta Gorda is a straight 10 miles shot up Tamiami Trail from our RV park and because it's a pretty small town it was easy to find the 3 block show. We found a free public parking spot and started walking through the booths. Will spent most of the time looking for shade and a place to stand while I was buzzing through each and every booth. Lots of pretty stuff to look at but looking is all we did. However, we did meet Kenny from our park and he was able to tell us about a few other things to see there and also mentioned a biker bar in the next town, Port Charlotte they and others would be at after l pm. Good to know.

After the Arts & Crafts show we headed for Fisherman's Village in Puenta Gorda, which is another long covered pier on the water that also has lots of Artsy Fartsy shops but a least it was under cover and they had lots of benches for the men to sit on. As it was now around noon and time for lunch we decided to have lunch there at Harpoon Harry's which is located at the end of the pier, right on the Peace River. We were lucky enough to get a table right next to the water and it was delightful. Will ordered a grouper sandwich and me a grouper salad.....we had this the other day and liked it so much. It was good but not nearly as good a Grandma Dots on Sanibel Island but the surroundings made up for it.

After we left there (purchase - 1 shot glass for Mary Ann and oh my is her collection growing) we headed for Port Charlotte to look for the biker bar - Gatorz Bar & Grill Now they said it was also on Tamiami Trail on the right so as I was driving Will is looking for the bar. Just as we were about to give up I spotted it. Lots of bikes, cars and even a yellow Lamborghini sitting in front and we could hear the music - Clive Live playing 1 to 5 pm every Sunday. Now the place is pretty big and the whole front of it is open and you can see people eating and Clive is singing in this area. We parked the car and headed in and WOW was it something. We found Kenny and his wife Norma and met the 5 other people they were with. We pulled up a couple chairs and Will immediately ordered his favorite - 7 / 7 and I had a diet coke (designated driver.)

The entertainer, Clive is from Jamaican and I was sure Will would last about 10 minutes but the guy was really good and played lots of different types of music and it was really fun. We stayed for a couple hours......Will had several drinks and then we headed back to the RV park. However, going through Puenta Gorda we checked out a park that has several bands ever Thursday night and a restaurant there, DeBendetto's that you can have dinner and see the sun set right into the Peace River. After that running around, we headed home, thoroughly exhausted by this time but it was really a fun day and the more we see of this area the more we like it and we have NOT heard a single word of SPANISH since being here. Much love to all our family and friends.

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