Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sadly we leave L&P Thompson RV Park, Miami, FL

Wednesday, 1/18/12 After 2 months at Larry & Penny Thompson RV Park in Miami, FL we sadly had to say good bye to all our friends and give up our FABULOUS Pod 7 - Site 1 and head for Punta Gorda located on the Gulf side of Florida.

We had a wonderful time there and made so many really good friends and friends I hope we will be able to stay in touch with. Last night (our last night) we went out to dinner, at the Chinese buffet - Blue Moon, with Zu (pronounced Sue) and Oscar. We met them when we first arrived in the park and have formed a real friendship and something tells me we will stay in touch. (Actually, they owe us a dinner) We arrived at the restaurant at about 6 pm and didn't leave until after 9 that's a long dinner and pretty late for us. We all laughed our selves silly and had a great time.

How I'm going to miss Brad walking by each morning with his dog Casey and yelling at Will, "hey old man, get out of bed." What fun we had with Brad and Hilda , first at Hialeah Race Track where we actually won money and the wonderful tour they took us on to Biscayne Bay.

But most of all I will miss my very own prayer warrior, matter where I go I know she will be praying for me everyday. We had some wonderful time together - at Bayside Shopping Center, So Beach, Art Deco tour and a day at the Hard Rock in Hollywood, FL. I hope someday to visit her at her home in North Carolina.

So many wonderful friends we made there, and my fabulous and not so fabulous Arts & Crafts projects, and oh how Will enjoyed sitting outside the Bounder feeding the squirrels peanuts, boy are they going to miss him! It was a great 2 months and I'm so glad we remembered how much we liked this park in 2004/05 and were able to get in a second time.

We headed out about 10 am this morning for the Gulf side of Florida....destination today, Punta Gorda outside of Fort Meyers. It was about a 4 hour trip and we arrived around 2 pm this afternoon, which is just the perfect time of driving. Sun N Shade is a Passport America park so you are never quite sure what you will be getting but much to our delight it is really nice. Not Pod 7 Site 1 nice....but nice and they are located on my most favorite Florida road - Tamiami Trail. They have a lot of activities here and we have already signed up for 3 of them - a ladies luncheon, for me, a Saturday breakfast and a spaghetti dinner and dance. We are here for 2 weeks, leaving on February 1st. so should stay pretty busy what with sightseeing and all and actually we have friends to visit here. My cousins mother, Nancy lives in Fort Meyers and we will be meeting her & her husband, plus our friends we met in Fort Lauderdale, Larry & Juanita. Gosh, I can see the time will go by very fast. I felt so sad leaving Miami and all our wonderful friends this morning.....but know there is a lot of good time ahead and more friends still to meet. Plus Nancy & NY Yankee Spring Training.....How grateful I am. Much love to all our family and friends.

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