Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A day in historic Concord, New Hampshire

Monday, 8/22/11 - We left beautiful Maine this morning and arrived in Espson, New Hampshire about 3 pm, staying at a Coast to Coast park, Blake's Brook Campground Now this is "kamp-en" our campsite is tucked back in between oaks and pine trees with no neighbors near where we are staying. It is so quite here and not a hint of light at night....anywhere. After the last park with kids, rain & noise we slept like we were dead our first night.

Tuesday, 8/23/11 - There is no laundry facilitys at this campground so we are heading into Concord to find a laundromat and a Super WalMart and we do. With those chores done we head home to have a campfire at our site. I started gathering twigs and wood when we arrived yesterday and have a pretty good size stack so we were able to build a nice fire that lasted a couple hours, long enough for us and plenty of time for the mosquito's to bite me but NOT Will. It really is a beautiful place, lots of trees, paths to walk and we have a small brook running right behind our RV.

Wednesday, 8/24/11 - This is our last full day in New Hampshire so we are going back into historical downtown Concord and see what there is to see. This very, very old town has all brick buildings, with dates in the 1700's and 1800's on everything. We find a great parking garage right off, yes you guess it, Main Street and park all day for a couple of bucks.

We are headed for the Museum of New Hampshire History, located in Eagle Square across from the State House right in the center of downtown. The first thing you see as you enter Eagle Square is this amazing Concord Clock erected in 1872 and fully restored in 1998. It is cast in steel and the bell rings on the hour. We have brought our lunch, in paper sacks and join the downtown workers eating their lunch in the Square. It is a beautiful day, the sun is out, a slight breeze and 80 degrees. After lunch we head into the Museum. As museums go, it's nice but not great for being surrounded by so much history. They have beautiful paintings, a gorgeous Concord Stagecoach and lots of civil and revolutionary war material to took at. I buy my token pencil and postcards and we head outside.

We go across the street to their beautiful State House, located directly across the street from Eagle Square. The grounds have many statues of famous New Hampshire people, a replica of the Liberty Bell, a most gorgeous black walnut tree from Mount Vernon placed there in 1931, a Memorial Arch erected in 1891 to commemorate those who served in the nation's wars and so much more. After walking around the grounds we headed inside to the Visitors Center and they told us we were free to walk thru the three floors of the building.

We took the elevator up to the third floor to work our way down and the third floor is the gallery overlooking the House of Representative. Of course they are all on vacation so no one was there but of course the females working in the offices. (that does sound a bit sexist) We walked around the halls looking at the pictures of all the representatives that have served there through out the years. As you wander thru the halls, painted on the window of doors would be, President of the Senate, Sargent of Arms and all the different "big shots" that have special offices.

The second floor we were actually able to sort of get into the Senate Chambers and House of said, No Admittance but no one was around so we walked in and I took a few pictures. The first floor was interesting, it is called the Hall of Flags. They have on display 107 flags representing regiments and batteries from the Civil War, Spanish American War, World Wars I and II and Vietnam. After we left we wandered up and down some of the near by streets admiring the old churches, buildings and homes an incredible step back in time. By this time we are pretty tired so head back to our car and head home to the RV park which is only about 15 miles away and a great drive. This has been a relaxing stay and tomorrow we head for Vermont.....slowly working our way to New Jersey and Nancy and Howard's house. Much love to all our family and friends.

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