Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hurricane Irene, she is a comin......Dummerston, VT

Thursday, 8/25/11 - With a real threat of rain in Epson, NH this morning we got on the road early to get to our next destination, a Passport America...Hidden Acres Camping Resort, Dummerston, VT. It was only about a 90 mile drive on a beautiful 2 lane road, Highway 9. We arrived before lunch and this is a beautiful RV park with many very large coaches.

And thank you, Jesus we are able to get TV here local and satellite so we have spent the day watching what Hurricane Irene is up to and where & when they are expecting her to hit. It sounds pretty bad for the east coast and it is pretty amazing that at this particular time....we are ON the east coast. We are only here for 1 night and then heading for Schenectady, New York, which is just west of the Vermont border. This is a Coast to Coast park and we have reservations to stay there 7 days.

At this time the Weather Channel is showing that part of NY in the "red zone" but we will see what it looks like tomorrow. The local stations are saying up to 6 inches of rain for this Vermont area on Sunday and high winds. If it seems like a problem in Schenectady there is another Coast to Coast park across the entire state of New York in Parish, near Lake Ontario. Will says we could head out for that place. Right now we are just sitting tight and waiting just like all the other people here. Today it has been rain off and on all day, but no wind. Well that's the latest "weather report" from our end but can I say.......Fresno is looking mighty good right now. Oh and p.s. what a bunch of "pussies" about the 5.8 earthquake here (which we didn't feel). My friend Roger said this evening, the radio stations at home are getting a kick out of how freaked out the east coast people are and that Californians stir their coffee with a it Rog! Much love to all our family and friends.

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Rita said...

Oh, please be careful, you two - "Irene" sounds ferocious! Guess I shouldn't complain about Fresno heat.
Re your comment about the mosquito bites, I read that if you put a dryer sheet in your blouse pocket or pin it to your shirt, the bugs will leave you alone....