Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tuesday 8/2/11 - After leaving Greg & Andy's in Clarion, PA we drove just about the whole length of the state to a Trailer Life park, Lehigh Gorge Camping, White Haven, PA. We had only planned to spend the night as Will now has two things to fix on the RV....the awning over the front door will not extend out and now the seal on the large slide-out has completely come in dragging on the ground. We are both tired but I jump on the computer and try to find a RV dealership near Scranton or Wilkes-Barre, PA. I am calling places, leaving messages, trying to figure out where these places are and oh and it's 4:45 pm. Finally, I see an RV repair shop with the SAME name as our campground and in the same town. Will calls the guy (he closes at 5 pm) and he is ON the same property we are staying. He says, go out the front gate to the propane tank, turn left & there we are. We are stunned, when we look at our RV map, sure enough, there he is listed in the corner. It seems Pop owns everything, daughter runs the RV park & brother runs the RV repair shop. We make an appointment for 2 pm on Wednesday and feel lots of relief.

Wednesday, 8/3/11 - We make arrangement with the office to spend another night here and head into the small town of White Haven. A darling town with a Rite Aid to buy postcards and a grocery store (not WalMart) for some things we needed. Found the post office for stamps & mailing and then took a ride around the area. About this point it started raining, light at first but very steady. I decided to kill some time before 2 pm so wash some clothes. Finally, we unhooked everything in the RV to drive it out the front gate and turn left to the repair shop (I'm still chuckling about this) and Will drove the RV into one of the service bays. Will was inside with him, while I sat in the car reading the newspaper waiting. About an hour latter Will backs out & we drive back through the gate & "set up camp" one more time. All I can say thank God it's an easy process to set this thing up. As it turns out he was able to repair only the in it now works however he said we will have to take the RV into a place where they will order the rubber strip and install it. Because he told Will it wouldn't hurt anything not to have the seal replaced immediately, Will decided to wait until we get some where we will be staying to get this done. OK by me, lets get out of here and on our way. At least one problem solved.

Thursday, 8/4/11 - Boy, we really made some good time today, we left PA drove straight through New York and mostly through Connecticut. It was a long day and I was having trouble finding a place near I84 to stay at. Finally, good old Passport American came up with Wilderness Lake, Willington, Conn. right off I84 but boy it was a long day and we were both beat. Will took a good nap as soon as we had set up.

Back here they don't have RV parks as "we know them" most of the places are campgrounds where in lots of kids...come for the summer. This place is over looking a lake and I understand they have a road around the lake which tomorrow I will take on my morning walk. After breakfast we will get back on the road as we are very close to entering Massachusetts (Red Sox Country) which we will drive straight through into New Hampshire. Our dear friends, Greg & Andy have "hooked us up" with a friend of theirs, Dwight who lives in N.H. right near the Maine border and he said we could use HIS driveway for a camping spot which we are excited about. Hopefully, we will be able to explore the lower part of Maine in our car from Dwight's place. Well the Maine destination is looking good at this point.....finally, Will gets to see Maine and pay his respects to Honorable Bob. Much love to all our family and friends.

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