Thursday, August 11, 2011

I"ve walked across the USA-3 miles at a time-Maine

Thursday, 8/11/10 - It occurred to me today that I have walked across the USA 3 miles at a time. That sounded pretty neat to me and now I just have to walk back at that same pace - 3 miles per day.

The weather in Maine is far different from our wonderful Fresno summers, one day sun and 80 degrees, the next day rain and dark clouds. This is just not weather either Will and I could embrace for long. We both agree, Maine is beautiful (what we have seen so far but once will be enough for both of us.)

Tuesday, 8/9 was beautiful and Will stayed busy working around the RV. I on the other handspe layed out at the swimming pool all day and read a that was a hard days work. Wednesday, 8/10 was a rainy, dreary day which all I did wash wash clothes and we both slept. Of course it was 68 degrees and Will was freezing, he layed covered up all day. However on 8/10 .....a special shout out to sister Alice....Happy Birthday!!!

Today, 8/11 is a beautiful day and we are going into Portland again and try and find the dam pier, old downtown and a lighthouse. However, we are going to Triple A first and get a map and information, we will NOT be deterred this time. With all our maps and books in hand we set off for the Old Port Exchange which is the area down by the waterfront. There are old, brick Victorian buildings and brick walkways. Lots of shops of all kinds and eating places everywhere. We wandered around the streets and out on the piers looking at boats and people. We found a great spot to eat our lunch that we brought so we hauled out our chairs and Mimi's TV tray and had lunch. People stop and talked with us and one very nice man, (who happens to be an artist and at one time lived in Cambria, CA) spent about 20 minutes talking with us. It was great.

After lunch we headed for Portland Head Light which is located in Fort Williams. This is a light house that was first operated in 1791 and was the first lighthouse completed after the founding of the United States and is one of the oldest lighthouses in continuous use in the country. There is a museum located there, many paths and a fabulous view of Portland Harbor. Will and I took some pictures there with my phone and I sent out to a few this is where we were when the photos were taken.

After we left there we were dead tired and headed back to the RV in Naples which is at least an hours drive away. It was an absolutely beautiful day, weather wise and we had a great time sightseeing in Portland, Maine. Tomorrow, will be a moving day for us to another location further North in Maine. Much love to all our family and friends.

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