Sunday, August 21, 2011

Halloween in August at Balsam Cove, Orland, ME

Saturday, 8/20/11 - At our campground Balsam Cove they celebrate Halloween in August. It is an all day affair with lots of kids activities during the day. Our participation was adult bingo at 2 pm for 45 minutes......not ANYTHING like Mesa Spirit, AZ, they use the beans to cover up the numbers on the card. Then at 7 pm they had a hayride around the park with the Joe, the owner, driving his tractor pulling a large wagon with hay bales. We jumped on that one (actually they picked us up at our front door) and they had lots of kids and adults dressed in costumes. The kids asked us what we were dressed up as....WE WERE NOT...and we said, tourists. We rode all around the park and after the hayride, the kids came by each campsite and people were sitting and handing out candy treats. You also can't believe how many people decorated their camp sites with Halloween decorations. I might add, WE DID NOT. The kids were very cute and Will handed out his precious Snicker bars, very sparingly.

After the trick or treaters were finished they were to have a big bonfire down by the lake so we head out for a stroll through the campgrounds talking with many of the campers. One older lady who was handing out candy, wanted to give us some but asked what our customers were, I told her, we were really little kids but dressed as "old people" and she started to laugh so hard I think she wet her pants. She told us, "you made my evening" as we strolled away. Now these people know how to make a bonfire, they had huge logs stand up in the shape of a "tepee" with lots of kindling wood in the middle. Old Joe goes over and wets it down with gasoline and throws a match in the middle and WHOOSH......a major bonfire. Lots of people sitting around visiting and we met a lot of nice people. We left before the fire went out as we are not use to being out after dark and hurried home. A fun day at camp!

Sunday, 8/21/11 - I had seen in the local paper that today they were having a Country Jam Session 12:30 to 4:30 in a small town near us, Dedham, ME. So we decided to give it a try and set the girlfriend, GPS to the address, packed a picnic lunch and took off. It was only about 15 miles north of us but girlfriend couldn't find the place, she was close but about a half a mile short of the destination. A kindly hiker gave us directions for the last mile.

Now imagine a town, that we couldn't find a Main Street in, like a post office, gas station or store has an event center! Yep, Peakes Hill Lodge Banquet & Event Center It seems they have weddings, host dances with live bands, exercise classes and hold other community events there. The outside was built in the "old log look" and inside was a very big bar, snack bar, lots of tables & chairs with a stage and huge dance floor. We were definitely shocked. It seems they have this Country Jam Session every other Sunday and it is recorded and shown back on their local TV station....twice. Well the session started with the house band of three doing the opening few numbers then all the talent comes from locals who get up on stage and sing/play their guitar. Some were good, some just tried and one old lady about 80 years old with not a tooth in her mouth, but darling, gave it a try. They say she is there at every session and sings the same song every time, it was awful, but boy the crowd loved her and gave her a great round of applause. The other big exciting act was a guy who brought his girlfriend up on stage with him and sang a love song to her and after it was over, dropped down on one knee and asked her to marry him.....she said YES and he slipped on the ring. That was soooooo much fun.

We sat at a great table and met two very nice couples, Audrey & Virgil who have been married 52 years and met on a blind date, born & raised in Maine and live about a half hour from there and spend the winters in Zephyrhills, FL. They were a lot of fun and gave us lots of good information about the Florida area they stay at. The other couple was Carol & Ken, both widowers who met at a singles club in the area 3 months ago and just got engaged. I'm telling you, it was a pretty exciting day at Peakes Hill. Shortly before the jam session ended we headed back to our campsite because tomorrow is "moving day" and we actually leave Maine tomorrow. Will always wanted to see Maine but it turned out I liked Maine much better than he did. He will be glad to move on however I could stay another couple weeks. I loved it here and would recommend the state of Maine as a great vacation site to anyone.....especially the Bar Harbor, Acadia National Park area but really Route 1 is something to see and experience. Much love to all family and friends.

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