Monday, November 21, 2011

Finally, at Larry & Penny Thompson RV Park, Miami, FL

Monday, 11/21/11 - We finally arrived at one of our most favorite parks on Saturday, 11/19, Larry & Penny Memorial Park & Campground This is a Miami-Dade County Park that we found on our first trip in 2004/05 and loved it then. One thing that was very different at this park is the RV's are parked in pods (like a tire spoke) instead of rows. You get to know who most of your neighbors are. We both made a lot of friends and wondered if any of them still came here for the winter. And surprise, surprise...most of them still do. Some are here already and more are coming. The activities start in December and I understand the park is sold out already for January & February. They come from all over but only a few French speaking Canadians from Quebec are here.....lots and lots of English speaking people, which is great!

We are not in the same pod as last time and we are here until January 19th and have to move 3 times. Seniority on "your space" is everything and come Jan 1st we move to another pod, which is ok with us, we are still in the park. This place sits on 275 acres with miles and miles of trails and fabulous walking & bike riding areas. One thing they added since we were here is a swimming pool & club house. This morning I already went down at 7:15 am to do a Zumba class. It was great fun but too hard on my knees on a cement floor. Tomorrow I am going with my friend Charlotte to her gym for a gym workout, water aerobic class and even a line dancing class. That's should just about do me in but I'm excited to go and hang out with Charlotte.

Charlotte gave us a book for seniors of free stuff to do here in Miami....we just fill out the "Golden Ticket", enclosed in the book, and we get in FREE. God, I love being old. Some of the things we will do are a Botanical Garden, the Miami Zoo, Art Deco Walking Tour in Miami, a Bluegrass Concert and so much more.....I am sooooooo excited, I poured over that book today making all kinds of notes.

This Wednesday Nancy & Howard are coming down to the Miami area and we will spend Thanksgiving with them. They continue on down to Key Largo & Key West and return on Saturday where we will have a P F Chang's dinner together before they return home. A perfect way to end a visit. We can't wait to see them. Weather is so strange here, warm, windy, and then a rain so reminds me of Hawaii and at least most days I get some quality sun time. Much love to all our family and friends.

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