Friday, November 4, 2011

More fun at The Bee's in Clermont, FL

Friday, 11/4/11 - It's been more fun this week at The Bee's RV park, let see Wednesday, 11/2 was Karaoke from 7 to 9 pm and NO I did not get up and sing. Actually, it was pretty slim pickens' on the talent side of the group assembled but a fun evening with our friends Dixie and Ron. I truly believe this is one activity you HAVE to have several drinks to participate in.

Thursday, 11/3 our friends Ron & Dixie left the RV park and headed south towards Miami and we are hopeful to meet up again down in Miami at our favorite Florida RV park, Larry & Penny Thompson. After they left this morning we headed down highway 27 to see an exhibit in Clermont - The National Presidents Hall of Fame. It featured memorabilia of US Presidents and their first ladies. They had displays of wax figures, first ladies gowns, replicas of china place settings and an incredible miniature recreation of the White House and the east and west wings. This was just like a huge "doll house" that had the back side out so you could see in and it was completely furnished in miniature re-creations. It was absolutely amazing. The same family for four decades has been caring for this house and changing out and redoing the house. It was advertised as "heavy" on Ronald Regan so I knew it would be safe for Will to go and see it and he thoroughly enjoyed it. They had several videos of White House tours to watch and a Ronald Regan speech.....we watch both.

Tonight, Friday 11/4 was the "all you can eat" fish fry in The Bee's restaurant they have in the park. On Tuesday it's chicken (we passed on that one) and Friday is fish (we went.) The place is open to the public from 5 to 7 pm and you should have seen the line out there, waiting to get in at 5 pm...unbelievable, they came from everywhere around here. It was good and we sat with our neighbors from Iowa who are here for 6 months. We certainly left full. Much love to all our family and friends.

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