Thursday, November 10, 2011

We arrived in Fort Lauderdale, FL 11/10/11

Thursday, 11/10/11 - We rolled back into the "big city" of Fort Lauderdale today after being out in the Florida boonies for several days. After leaving Clermont, FL we headed down the middle of Florida on highway 27 and found a Passport America park, Lake Glenada in Avon Park, it was Sunday and the office was closed and it was a pretty old park filled with park models and double wides. Our paper that was left for us said, "pick a spot" but not these which were listed and we had NO map. I wanted to leave but Will said no and we found a spot with a partial view of their lake. I'm so glad we didn't leave it turned out to be the most friendly park we have encountered on this trip. People came over to introduce themselves, tell us what was going on in the park and invite us, one lady even offered us her washer & dryer to do our laundry. We were so sorry we were only staying two days and moving on. While there we did get in a good game of bingo (NO we didn't win) and we hit the jackpot on the lending book library over 15 cowboy books for Will and 6 James Patterson's for me. Gosh, if we ever pass this way again we will definitely plan on staying longer in this great little park.

After leaving there we continued on down highway 27 to Moore Haven, FL another Passport America park but this one was in the middle of friggen nowhere and I mean nowhere. I tried going into the town, located 6 miles away to find a grocery store....they didn't have one. The park is under new ownership and they are working real hard to get it going but the 2 days we were there we only saw very large mosquito's and dragonflies......lots of both! We sure were wishing we were back in sweet Avon Park. Well those 2 very long days ended and today we headed into Fort Lauderdale.

It feels great to be back in civilization with WalMart's and Walgreen's everywhere. This is also a Passport America park and a really nice one, Paradise Island RV There is a great swimming pool a couple streets over from where we are parked and it's pretty close to the Hilton Hotel. Our friend Bev, retired last June from Kastner Middle School in Clovis is cruising out of Fort Lauderdale on Sunday, 11/13 but arrives here on Saturday, 11/12. We are meeting her on Saturday when she arrives at the Hilton Hotel and going out to dinner. Hey Bev.....take a nap on the plane so we can take you out to see the Riverwalk!!

Sorry the blog has been so quiet lately but the trip and sightseeing have been pretty slim. In Central Florida if you don't do Disney....there is not a lot to see. Hopefully, the action in Miami/Fort Lauderdale will pick up. Much love to all our family and friends.

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