Friday, November 25, 2011

My day w/Charlotte and Community Center, Homestead, FL

Tuesday, 11/22/11 - I was very excited to spend the morning with Charlotte, my friend from Canada. Instead of working out in the RV park where we reside she travels with several friends down to Homestead, FL . (about 10 miles South of where we are) to work out in the Community Center & YMCA.

I drove our car and we headed out about 7 am which was brutal for me as I have grown very use to sleeping in these days. But off we went, taking the back roads to Homestead. Now this community center is a real bargain, for $40 a year membership you can use the gym, take water aerobic classes and many of the other classes they offer such as line dancing..PLUS that price also includes 4 or 5 amazing meals they serve, such as Thanksgiving & Christmas dinner.

Our agenda for the day, was to "sneak" me in for the day to see if I liked it and then I could decide to join. First up was a work out in the gym, then go over to the YMCA for the 9 am water aerobic class, lunch somewhere in Homestead then back at 1 pm for a line dancing class. How it ACTUALLY went was, we snuck me in and hit the gym for a work out. Charlotte and I visited and got caught up, she also showed me around this beautiful center which is loaded with "snowbirds." We then got back into the car to head over to the Y for the water class but discovered, much to Charlotte's chagrin" - the class had started at 8 am NOT 9 am as she thought. It seems the class starts at 9 am as it gets more into winter when it's cold....NOT. So unfortunately we only got to participate in the cool down of the water aerobics and not the full class. We also learned the Good News, they were having the "free" Thanksgiving dinner that day but the Bad News, there was no line dancing class.

So back to the Community Center for one more time to sneak me in for the free Thanksgiving dinner which was incredible. Round tables of 8 with cloth table clothes & napkins. The line dancing teacher had reserved 2 tables for her class (me included) which we got into the room about 11:15 am. The dinner is cosponsored with a local assistant living home - The Palace (lot & lots of prospective customers in that room) and the place filled up very quickly. What proceed from the point of "trying to say grace" and serve the dinner was hysterical and chaotic, sort of like trying to herd cats!!! I mean don't stand in the way of a senior citizens free Thanksgiving dinner, when they are afraid they might run out before their plate is filled. I believe they were suppose to call the tables by number, but no such luck, they just had us line up in the hallway & proceed through the dinner line. An what a meal it was, turkey, ham and all the fixings including several salads plus dessert. They had music being played in the background and even Mayor Steve of Homestead came by to welcome us. It was a first class production. We were both sorry there was no line dancing but the meal was a great substitution. After a trip to the local WalMart, BJ Warehouse (think Costco) we headed back to Larry & Penny Thompson RV park thoroughly tired but we had a very fun day hanging out together. As far a joining on a regular basis I probably won't... I miss my regular morning routine of my 3 mile walk, my fabulous 5 egg omelet and of course....Sports Center, plus next week Will and I start sightseeing around the local Miami area.

Also we are very excited we just got word that our Texas friends....Ron & Dixie (Driving Ms Dixie) are coming into Larry & Penny Thompson beginning Dec 15th through Dec 29th. YooHoo.......we can't wait guys! Much love to all our family and friends.

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