Wednesday, November 2, 2011

We are at Bee's RV Park, Clermont, Florida

Wednesday, 11/2/11 - I can't believe it's already November (we left Fresno on May 8th) and how I fell off the wagon writing on the blog. It seems since we arrived in Florida and not moving as often we are not doing as much sightseeing. But we are having a good time in the RV parks. The "snowbirds" are arriving from all over, especially from the cold, cold north. Our neighbors on one side are from Iowa and the other side, Michigan....they both stay for 6 months.

We enjoyed our visit to The Villages and especially the time spent with my cousin Joan and her husband Lee. Joan had surgery last Saturday and thankfully is doing very well. On Sunday, 10/30 we left our Three Flags Park in Wildwood, FL and headed down highway 27, right down the middle of Florida to a park we stayed in 2004/05, Bee's RV Resort, Clermont, FL We are here for 7 days, our usual Coast to Coast stay. We were lucky enough to run in to a couple we met in a Georgia park, Ron and Dixie from Texas. They are full timers in a big, beautiful 40ft coach and they tow a jeep with the cover on the spare tire that says....Driving Ms. Dixie. Will was out for a walk and came upon the jeep and said there couldn't be two of those. It was great seeing them again and we have visited back and forth. Last night the four of us went out to dinner at the local Golden Corral Buffet. We went in just before 4 pm to get the lunch price (free drink for seniors) and then the dinner food starts at 4 pm......that's a real "snow bird" trick we learned.

Tonight is Karaoke down at the club house so we are going with Ron and Dixie and NO MATTER what I will not be talked into getting up there and singing. It should be a fun evening. Ron and Dixie leave in the morning and we sure will be sorry to see them go, but maybe our paths will cross again....and soon!

Weather is very nice here and I have been able to get two days of tanning in out by the swimming pool which of course is a joy for me. I met a real nice lady at the pool yesterday, who was down visiting her folks from Aurora, Ohio, just outside Cleveland. Unfortunately, she left to go home today and it would have been so nice to have the company out there as I miss my "Wall Ladies" at Mesa Spirit in Mesa, AZ. Much love to all our family and friends.

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