Thursday, October 27, 2011

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NANCY......10/27/........

Tuesday, 10/25/11 - We ventured deep into The Villages to visit my cousin Joan and her husband Lee. We saw them last in The Villages during our 2004/05 USA trip. Girlfriend, GPS went straight to their front door in the first section of The Villages, Spanish Springs. We were invited for a delicious home cooked dinner, a rare event for Will and to meet their son Ron, his new wife and baby, Natalia and Michael.

Dinner was wonderful and we spent a lot of time visiting with everyone. Joanie is a wealth of information regarding my father, Charlie and his life as a young man. He lived with Joan's mom, my Dads sister, Nancy, and their two other brothers, Hennie and Louie. It's always a treat to hear family stories and Joan is full of them, what a memory she has. WHAT FUN! After Ron and his family left we broke out the cards of our new card game, 5 Crowns, as Joan & Lee are avid card players and they were not familiar with the game and wanted to learn it. Well, after one hand they knew the game just not by that name....5 Crowns. They then proceeded to teach us a new card game called....Golf. OMG it was really fun so much that we went out and bought 2 decks of cards to play this game ourselves. Who would believe that Will and I would be able to play 2 different card games, go figure.

Wednesday, 10/26/11 - Another beautiful day here, the weather is in the 80's and the humidity is not to bad, there, but no bad. We invited Joan and Lee out to dinner this evening and they picked a deli restaurant called TooJay's in the Lake Sumter square. Before dinner they wanted to show us The Village RV park called the Plantation. A very nice park with a pool, clubhouse and all the amenities of a nice park. We even got to go inside a park model of a friend of theirs that are still in New York and have not come down for the winter yet. A cute little place and great location in the park.

We then hit a speciality grocery store, looked for The Villages postcards and then headed for dinner. The food was great but the service was bad, actually it was our server Amanda.....just a little on the slow side. After giving her our credit card and the check she forgot us so we waited and waited and finally she showed up. Fortunately, our food was good and plentiful. After dinner we took Joan & Lee home and didn't stay as Joan's hip was bothering her plus the fact she is facing surgery this Saturday. Another fun day at The Villages for us.

Thursday, 10/27/11 - This morning I woke up with a sore and "raspy throat" and it didn't get any better as the day progressed. We were suppose to go back to Joan and Lee's to play cards but I was to afraid if I'm coming down with something and Joan is having surgery I just stay home and get better. Thank you Joan and Lee for your wonderful hospitality.

A HAPPY BIRTHDAY wish to my very special daughter, Nancy today......10/27 what a joy she has been....much love to you my dear and all my family and friends.

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