Thursday, June 16, 2011

Abraham Lincoln Museum, Hodgerville, KY

Thursday, 6/16/11 - We leave Park City and head for Shepherdsville, KY a small town outside Louisville, KY and a side note: we are now on Eastern time, 3 hours ahead of CA. I had a heck of a time finding an RV park near Louisville, but finally found Grandma's RV Campground in our Trailer Life book. While heading North on I65 for Shepherdsville we see a historic marker for Abraham Lincoln's birthplace, his boyhood home and a museum located in Hodgerville. We make a split decision to head off and see if we can find them - easier said than done with a 35' RV plus tow car on the back roads of Kentucky.

We actually find the town of Hodgerville pretty easy and even more exciting a place to park the RV & car. It's a cute little town and the museum is located on a "round about" and in the center of the round about is a statue of Abe himself. We go over to the museum, which I might note is located right next door to Nancy's Gifts and Florist shop. The museum is wonderfully done, they have 12 individual scenes of Abe's life starting with The Cabin Years 1809-1816 and ending with Ford's Theatre - April 14, 1865. The museum is two stories and just filled with everything Abe Lincoln...this will probably be one of Wills favorite stops. The museum lady tells us how to find Abe's birthplace & boyhood home....but alas, we don't have our girlfriend, GPS giving us directions and the roads are so narrow & very hard to find anyplace to turn around. We decide the museum is enough & let the girlfriend get us back on I65 for our RV park, which of course she did. Grandma's got a nice RV park and the sign said, when we arrived, Grandma is napping, pick any spot and check in latter.

Well I finally got caught up with the blog, it's been non stop for several days and I have returned at night to tired to "check in" but today....I got the blog all caught up and the washing done.... so much love to all our family and friends and a special shout out to you have something new to read with breakfast......

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