Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mingling with the Horsey Set, Lexington, KY

Sunday, 6/19/11 - We woke up this morning in Sheperdsville to a repeat of the weather yesterday, lightning, thunder and lots of heavy rain. Actually, there was a tornado warning on the TV for a county very close to us. I want you to know friends no matter what the weather is anytime at home - Fresno/Clovis it's a whole lot better than they have back here.

It stopped raining about 11 am and Will was finally able to unhook and get us ready to leave. We decided we wanted to see Lexington, KY where all the beautiful horse ranches are so I picked a campground call Kentucky Horse Park which has on it's property a working horse park with museum and every available thing you would want to see. Seemed like a no brainer to make a reservation here and it's only 90 miles east of us.

Will has been desperate to get his filthy RV washed and we spotted down at the local truck stop a car wash for big trucks where they also do RVs. So when we left this morning we drove over there and the guy working did a wonderful job. Will was thrilled to once again have a clean RV.

The drive to Lexington was beautiful but we were getting anxious as we were NOT seeing any horse farms.....where are all the beautiful white rail fences and high class horses that are out in the pasture, we saw nothing but cows....go figure. As we got closer we started to "smell the money" and the beautiful places started to appear. We found our RV park and couldn't believe how beautiful it was. It is over 1,200 acres between the campground and horse park, large old trees and everything is green. There are 260 RV spaces here in an absolutely, beautiful park setting with at least 1 1/2 RV spaces between each RV. We are staying close to the camp store where the laundry facilities are as I need to do washing. It was nice to get that done & cook a real meal this evening. Tomorrow, we head out to see the Horse Park and how the other half live. Much love to all family and friends.

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Bev said...

I used to read the Bee with my breakfast, now I look forward to breakfast with Carole and Will. BE SAFE