Monday, June 6, 2011

Elvis and Graceland, Memphis, TN

Monday, 6/6/11 - Today we visit Graceland and Elvis! We walked over to the ticket pavilion at Graceland Crossing around 10 am this morning. We passed on the VIP tickets for $70 a piece and went with the platinum for a measly $35 each oh and if your a senior and a Three A member it only costs $31.....what a deal.

While waiting in the line they have a photographer that takes a picture of you in front of the Graceland gates with Elvis on the side of the picture. No obligation to buy but I'm sure most people do! We didn't have to wait in the line very long until our bus came to drive across the street to Graceland and let you off at the front door. Cameras are clicking everywhere and me too. They have audio tapes that tell about each of the rooms, the living & dining room, the kitchen, the famous Jungle room and many more rooms. No one is allowed upstairs or into Elvis' room.

Outside Elvis liked racquetball and had a racquetball ball court and lounge built that had lots of Elvis memorabilia and we were able to see all that. After exiting, we entered into the trophy room which was fabulous. It had all of Elvis gold records on the wall plus so much more. I especially wanted the pictures of the early records, my all time favorite Elvis....Don't be Cruel and Heartbreak Hotel. Those early records of Elvis bring back the memories I have of being in junior high when my girlfriends and I "discovered" Elvis & Rock N Roll. I remember at one time I belonged to at least 10 Elvis fan clubs and of course had ever record he ever made. I also remember sitting in front of the TV watching him on The Ed Sullivan show while my father left the room. Those were great and fun times and I thoroughly enjoyed reliving them here at Graceland.

The final part of the Graceland tour, before leaving the property, is passing through the meditation garden where Elvis, his parents and grandmother are buried. There is a beautiful fountain with the 4 graves right next to each other and many religious articles surrounding the garden. Fans leave flowers, teddy bears and special mementos at the foot of Elvis grave. Need I say my camera indeed got a work out today. After paying our respects to the Presley family we boarded the bus and headed back out the driveway of Graceland back to our starting point across the street. Graceland is a wonderful experience and I hope someday you can all visit..........especially Nancy & Cheryl!

When we arrived back, just like clock work, the photos were ready and as I suspected, I bought our package. We then headed to see the rest of the exhibits that were included in our ticket price. We toured the Lisa Maria airplane, Elvis airplane that he flew to all his concerts. The Elvis Presley's Automobile Museum which had his mama's pink Cadillac that Elvis purchased for her. There were also many other car's displayed there that he owned.

We then saw '68 Special Exhibit, which was my most favorite Elvis....the concert in the round when Elvis is wearing the black leather outfit. It was a great piece narrated by Priscilla Presley talking about how nervous Elvis was about that special. His first concert since making all those "movies" and I use that term loosely. He was in the best condition of his life, 168 lbs even had a sun tan and he hated the sun. More displays with lots and lots of Elvis every where and each exhibit ALWAYS excited through a gift shop. The merchandising is really unbelievable there is nothing they haven't though of that isn't for sale.

It was great having our RV park so close, we visited Graceland in the morning, walked home and had lunch, took a nap and went back and finished seeing all the exhibits. A great and really fun day and time spent in Memphis. Tomorrow we head for a town NEAR Nashville as Nashville is sold out. Much love to all family and friends and boy is the fun continuing..........

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Howard said...

Very much looking forward to seeing Graceland one day soon! Truly a national landmark in this country! Keep on bloggin!