Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wally World Resort, Loudonville, Ohio (say what?)

Tuesday, 6/21/11 - We left beautiful Kentucky and are headed for Ohio. Unfortunately, Will has a bad cold and doesn't feel well but he is being a real "trouper" and driving the RV. Of course he has no choice as he is the ONLY one here who can drive it. We find another Lebanon only this is Lebanon, Ohio an is less than a 200 miles drive so we will spend the night so Will can rest. Historic Lebanon is a darling town and wish I could have another day to explore but we will only spend the night and move on closer to Cleveland. At the prices they charge here per night, $42, we need to find a cheaper place for the long haul.

Wednesday, 6/22/11 - Ok, we found a cheaper place, Wally World Resort and NO it is NOT a Wal Mart parking lot, that is the name of the place as it is on Wally Road....isn't that clever. It is a Coast to Coast campground which is about $10 a night...we will stay here for 7 days, the maximum we are allowed through Coast to Coast. I will try to "sweet talk" them out of 2 extra days before we need to meet Nancy & Howard in Cleveland, but who knows, with the holiday coming up, Wally World is filling up. This place was just recently purchased and they are doing a lot of work and ONE day it will be very nice, it just NOT today. But we don't care, it's a cheap place to stay.

It is near the town Loudonville, Ohio which is located on the edge of Mohican State Park & Forest . This place is called "the canoe capital of Ohio" and our campground sits right on the river that they canoe on. Along Wally Road are many RV parks and lots of Canoe Liveries, where you can rent canoes and rafts to go out on the river. In talking with the people here, because of the tremendous amount of rain they have had the river is running at full capacity and very swift and cold. Today we saw a couple rafts out there on the river which looks far to dangerous for me. This area is very green and beautiful and we have had several rain storms through out the day. The weather is suppose to clear up for the next few days.

Will still doesn't feel well and is doing lots of sleeping, resting and reading and I have cleaned and washed everything in the RV and have only 6 more days here. HELP..........................However, tomorrow (Friday) we have an appointment at the only garage in town, to have the RV and Saturn serviced. So we will spend the day in their cute little downtown (Main Street, what else?) that is 3 blocks long. Hopefully, the sun will come out soon and I will be able to lay by the pool and of course that will make everything OK for me. Oh how I miss those 100 plus days in Fresno.

We just learned today via the TV that Churchill Downs had a tornado/rain storm one week after we visited them. How's that for timing and thank goodness we got to see it as it was definitely on our "bucket list."

So looking forward to seeing Nancy & Howard for the 4th of July in Cleveland and Kim, Bill & Eric on July 20th in Dayton, Ohio. Much love to all family and friends.

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Bev said...

For those HELP days you could always take up knitting.