Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A super WalMart day in Oklahoma City

Wednesday, 6/1/11 - It's a brand new month, with a clean calendar page freshly turned and waiting to be filled in with new adventures and I can't wait! However, today is not one of them. Today is a shopping day at the local super WalMart in Oklahoma City, 5 minutes away from our RV park. We have our list and set out to fill the refrigerator and cupboards back up. Actually, we both really enjoy a WalMart adventure day and are always amazed that we can find everything we need, plus get our cash. What a deal!

Our next project for today is to get our RV into Camping World to check the seals on the living room slideout. Because of the terrible wind we endured from New Mexico into Oklahoma, Will just wanted to check the seals. All is ok and we are set to go tomorrow.

Our original plans were to head up to Missouri to see his cousin but because of the tornado and the damage they sustained they told us not to come, which was very understandable. So we are changing our route and staying on I-40 and heading into Arkansas. So we will see what there is to do in Arkansas and I'll keep you posted. Much love to all family and friends.

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