Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Still in Mohican Country, Loudonville, OH

Tuesday, 6/28/11 We are still here in Loudonville but the best part is Will is ALL better and we leave this Friday. Actually, it's very beautiful here and has been very restful for both of us....the worse part has been NO PHONE SERVICE, this is Verizon country and we are both ATT. Fortunately, I have a Verizon card for computer service which is our only way to the "outside world."

Today, we took a ride into Mohican State Park http://www.mohicanstatepark.org/ and saw beautiful dogwood trees, however, they are not in bloom. We drove down to see the covered bridge, which is a new, steel version of an old fashion bridge. We wanted to see the two falls they have here, Big Lyons Falls and Small Lyons Falls. The trailhead was at the Covered Bridge and a 2 mile hike, one way. As we started out a family was coming back and said the hike was very pretty but the falls had very little water and it actually was not worth the walk. What luck was that.....we walk only a short way, found a bench and sat down to just enjoy the beauty of the place then headed back to car in the parking. Great Hike!

The other thing people say you can't miss here.....go see the Gorge Overlook so we headed out for that place. Now, the only other gorge we saw was in the state of Washington and it was fabulous, so we were excited. We found the Gorge and another dissappointment, very beautiful but nothing but trees and more trees, no water. With that we felt that was enough outing for this day and we were in need of a nap, which is exactly what we did, went home and slept. It's amazing how tired you can get......doing nothing!

The best thing I did today was go and weight in at Weight Watchers, that's to keep my lifetime membership FREE and found I had lost 3.4 lbs. Great news while on the road. Much love to all family and friends and I can't wait to talk to you guys on the phone next week.

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