Saturday, June 4, 2011

Elvis & Graceland, Memphis, TN

Saturday, 6/4/11 -We crossed over the very swollen Mississippi River into Memphis, TN home of Elvis. We were here back in 2004 so had only planned to spend the day and head on to Nashville. However, Nashville is SOLD OUT due to the Country Music Festival that is going on at the present time. So our plans have changed and we will stay in Memphis for a couple extra days, which is really ok with both of us.

We are staying in the same park as last time, Graceland RV Park & Campground, which is located directly behind Heartbreak Hotel, my favorite. The heat in the South is really, really hot & humid. The lady at the desk, when we checked in, said this is August weather in the South, usually June is beautiful and in the 80's. Oh well, it's raining in Fresno so it's crazy everywhere.

After setting up the RV we headed for Heartbreak Hotel, to take a few pictures and then went over to Graceland Plaza, which has every Elvis souvenir possible, a Rockabilly Restaurant and then I crossed the street to take some pictures of Graceland from the sidewalk. We walked by the Lisa Marie airplane that is available to take tours on. Actually, we sat in the Plazas very nice air conditioned buildings watching Elvis clips and listening to Elvis music, not a bad way to past a hot, summer afternoon. After several hours we went back in our air conditioned RV & laid me the heat is brutal.

After dinner, I went over to the laundry room, located right behind our RV and did some washing. Tomorrow is another day in Elvis Land and we are headed to Sun Records for a tour and down to Beal Street. Much love to all family and friends and the fun just continues.

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The Kinards said...

So sorry to hear that you are having to suffer such horrible heat. We could use alittle here, if you would like to share.
Glad to hear your having a good time.
CAROLE: great job on the blogging love it!!!