Sunday, February 8, 2009

Arrived in Casa Grande

It was sad saying goodbye to Tucson as we both agreed it has been our favorite place so far. We are sure to come back again some day. However, it's Friday, 2/6 and it's time to head out for Casa Grande, which is only about 40 miles from Tucson and our "free RV spot" for 4 days.

Upon arriving at Desert Shadows/Western Horizon at Casa Grande we get checked in & they tell us our "presentation" will be at 2 pm on Saturday. We also get our schedule of events that they are having at the park & find out that tonight they are have root beer floats at 6:30 pm with a Ladies Choral Ensemble at 7 pm (is anyone jealous yet?) It actually turned out to be a fun evening & I of course had a diet root beer w/vanilla ice cream (that should help the bottom line) and the ladies were very good. Of course they sang songs neither Will or I had ever heard of but we enjoyed it.

On Saturday, 2/7 they had a patio sale from 8 am to noon which was a flee market in the RV park. As I was out taking my exercise walk, which I do every morning....45 minutes at a fast clip, I kept checking out the stuff. One old man, near our RV, was putting out a stack of books and I stopped & asked if he had any cowboy books for Will, as he has turned into quite a reader. Well, the old man had a good selection so I told him to gather them all up and I would bring the money back. So Will is now the proud owner of 17 new/used cowboy books.

Well our appointed time of 2:oo pm came & we went down for our 90 minute presentation. This is an amazing concept of how it works & I won't bore you with details but we were shown the RV parks they have in their system & they explained how it works....14 days in a park & 7 days out of a park, blah, blah, blah. Then our presenter asked us what we thought so far & were we interested (this was before they even got to the money part) and Will replied he was not interested. She said, even if I gave this to your for free? He said NO, not interested. With that, she spoke with her partner, the financial person, & they agreed there was no point going any further, they thanked us for coming & hope we enjoy our 4 days....and we left. End of sales pitch and way before 90 minutes.

That evening the clubhouse was having a steak or chicken dinner with all the trimmings for $8.00 so we signed Will up and I took my own salad. We sat next to two ladies from Nebraska that have an RV and are members of this park. They said the cost was approximately $7,000 to join & dues were about $320 a year and they weren't that happy with it. So I guess Will made the right decision after all....The amazing thing about this deal is the people who join are also the volunteer/workers. They run & plan all the events, are the caretakers...they do all the work at the parks and what they get is they can stay longer at a park than the 14 days. Will said, this is one smart owner.....he charges the people to join & then gets them to volunteer to do his work. After the dinner, we stayed for the entertainment which was another member who sings & plays the guitar....he goes by the name of "Casual Cowboy." He was enjoyable & sang old country songs.

Sunday, 2/8 has been a rain filled day which has kept us pretty much house bound. However, we did venture out for a Super Wal Mart run. All in all it has been a quiet stay here, we cleaned house, washed clothes & grocery shopped. I'm looking forward to moving on to Phoenix on Tuesday, 2/10. Hope all is well with everyone and we send our love.


Sally from San Francisco said...

Well Hello, hello hello. I am keeping track of you and your great adventure. Keep the blogs coming, I'm looking forward to my retirement by living vicariously through yours. Sally

Rita said...

Root Beer Float?? Do you know how long it has been since I had one of those? I'm going right out and get one!
Willie seems to be in Cowboy Heaven, so probably doesn't even miss Clovis.
It has been raining quite a bit here also. Drive safe.