Thursday, February 5, 2009

Farewell to Tucson

On Wednesday, 2/4 we had our plans changed as when we woke up that morning and discovered that the Queens throne was broken (that would be my porcelain toilet didn't work.) Actually, just moments before I discovered it didn't work I saw a black widow spider (if your from Fresno you know those things) going up towards the seat. As I tried to swat/kill him she disappeared under the was after no longer worked or flushed. Of course I insisted Will find out what was wrong so we were looking through the manual again and even called the dealer for assistance, however, they said it was probably the pump (not the spider) so we would have to take it into a dealer. We called a very large RV dealer here in Tucson & was able to get an appointment for today...Thursday. So Wednesday was clean the RV, wash clothes, go to the grocery store & then for fun we visited the Mission San Xavier del Bac. This is a very beautiful mission, much more so than any I have seen in CA. It has been under restoration for 6 years and the details are amazing. You can check it out at

Today, Thursday, 2/5 we took the RV in for the big repair to the toilet plus the curtains on my side of the passenger seat didn't close easy so I wanted them fixed. It's all under warranty so get it fixed NOW....that's my motto. After dropping off the RV we headed to the downtown area of Tucson to check out the historical area (every town has a historical downtown area you know!!)

We checked in at the local Visitors Center & discovered they have a "yellow brick road" painted turquoise which is called The Presidio Trail which winds around the downtown area. A few of the spectacular things we saw: Tucson Museum of Art, the beautiful western paintings & drawings of Maynard Dixon, Arizona Historical Society Museum, Old Town Artisans & just so much more in the short time we were there.... After that it was time to pick up the RV and the "throne" was repaired....a loose wire, but no black widow spider. Will will be spraying tomorrow & thereafter, just in case she is still there.

We leave Tucson tomorrow, Friday, 2/6 for Casa Grande, AZ which is only a short distance from here. It is one of the "freebie" stays we acquired in Quartzside. The drill is, we sit through the 90 minute sales pitch of their RV campgrounds, Will says NO - then we get 4 nights free then it will be on to Phoenix.

This has been a wonderful stop and want to come back here some day. Hope all is well with our friends & family. Much love.


Rita said...

Well, I'm certainly happy to hear the "Throne" is repaired! Pretty necessary item. No more spiders, I hope.
Wow, that is some Mission! Looked at the web site - beautiful detail and very impressive. We are all getting a great geography lesson.

Bev said...

Carole & Will
So good to be able to read about your travels. Sounds so very nice. I'm going to check out that web site tonight. Have fun, BE SAFE

Mary Ann & Calvin said...

Glad to hear everything is working again. You two aren't missing a thing. That's great! Still having good weather? You're very brave to sit through one of those promotions. If "no" gets you 4 nights, it's worth it. Love hearing about your adventures.