Thursday, February 19, 2009

Baseball is getting closer....2/25/09

Well, we are really adjusting to this wonderful weather and tempo in AZ. With staying in this RV park for one month we are not running so frantic with sightseeing as we have done in the past. Recently our days consist of grocery shopping, Super WalMart, washing clothes, going out for a nice Chinese dinner and for ME...laying in the sun by the pool. Here's the routine. I go down to the RV laundromat & put the clothes in the washer, head out to the chaise lounge....with the other pool ladies....lay in the sun. Back in to put the clothes in the dryer & hang clothes on their clothes line, then back to the pool. Boy, am I glad we didn't get a washer/dryer in the RV, I would have missed this fabulous routine.

Thursday, 2/19 we headed out to Old Town in Scottsdale, AZ. Old Town is a western " Carmel town, lots of tourist shops, art galleries and many restaurants. It is also the home of the SF Giants, spring training ballpark. We walked in & out of shops and galleries and then walked over to the baseball park. It is open & you can just wander in for free to watch them take batting practice and run wind sprints. I bought a Kodak camera & took some pictures for my old friend Ken Mackey, a die hard Giants fan.

Actual spring training baseball games between the teams that are down here starts next week, Wednesday, 2/25. We have tickets to 6 different games at this time. LA Dodgers, San Diego Padres, SF Giants, Chicago Cubs, Seattle Mariners. We are both excited and looking forward to getting our fill of baseball down here. Thanks much my dear daughter.

Hope all is well with everyone...tonight we are dead tired & going to bed early. Much love to our family and friends.

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The Kinards said...

Well it's nice to here that you two are having fun and enjoying your sunshine. (we're sticking out tongue out at you right now)
Well incase I forgot to tell you we replaced the hampster. Her name is Stevie!!! She's a tan color. We're all doing well here just missing you two thats all.